Brilliant Outdoor Lighting

Keyla is a skilled artist who was easy to work with in making modifications. Although Keyla is in Indonesia there were no issues with communications and I will continue to utilize Keyla's services in the future. Thanks again for all of your hard work!


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Winning design #366 by keyla, Logo Design for Brilliant Outdoor Lighting Contest
Gold Medal

designed by keyla

Project description

Logo will be for a high class, upscale outdoor lighting company.  Logo need to be state of the art in design to reflect the cutting edge products that will appeal the most to wealthy or commercial customers.  Outdoor lighting is an "Technical Artwork"

Best colors are colors of precious metals such as: gold, platinum, silver, copper, etc... I like textured colors that look like real precious metals and a 3D style logo.

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  • Great! Can you make the "B" in the word brilliant slightly bigger, just 2-3% of its current size. I'm sure the B and T are currently the exact same size but to me the T looks slightly bigger than the B. I'm hoping to balance the two of them out visually. Thanks, #357
    • Please review and check entry #366.


  • The Diamond shape is nice but the "B" inside of it makes it look like the superman symbol #352
  • Very nice! Can you remove the twinkle star from the "T" in Brilliant. Thanks! #351
    • Star light on already I delete please check and review the entry #357


  • We are almost there. On this design, can you change the font on just "outdoor lighting" to the font you used on design #277 for "outdoor lighting". Then can you do send a second design with that change and also increase size of the "B" and "T" in the word Brilliant around 15-20% #319
    • I re-submit the logo changes please review and check #350 & #351


  • shining a bright light outside the house , bright light that is Brilliant Outdoor Lighting #348
  • I really like your design but #294 is my favorite layout so far #252
    • Please check #333 for the variation. Not sure which part you prefer in my designs and which part you'd like to improve. Your suggestion will help. Thank you.

  • very appreciated your feedback #320
  • I really like your design but #294 is my favorite layout so far #305
    • About #305, @jp2882 You know the best and this is far as I can go.

  • i just want to help with my best designs
    thanks for feedback..
    i hope you can get best design #313
  • I really like your design but #294 is my favorite layout so far #279
  • I really like your design but #294 is my favorite layout so far #298
  • And can you make the words in this one little larger like #295 #294
  • Can you add a little more space between the letters on this one and keep the width of "Outdoor Lighting" matching the width of "Brilliant" #294
  • I like this one better than your most recent changes. Can you do something different for the silver ring on the symbol. Also, make the words "outdoor Lighting" larger #265
  • Can you do all Uppercase in this font on "Brilliant" #295
  • my logo idea #309
  • Can you reduce the size of the symbol around 20% of its current size. Also can you give me two additional designs, one with a font like in design #265 and another design with a font like design #133 #276
    • Thanks for the feedback,
      I re-submit the changes to the size of the logo and text types, please check the entry #294, #295 and #296


  • I would like the gold to be a little more gold like #277 and change the font to like #265 #293
  • Can you change the font to look like #265 #279
  • Can you also send me a second design with a softer silver ring on the symbol #265