bringing ugly obsolete houses back from the dead

This was SUCH a great way for me to get a really great logo at a price I could afford. I loved that I could work with so many designers at once instead of hiring only one and hoping they could help me reach my vision. The parameters of only so many changes allowed was helpful too, as it forced me to focus on what I was really after. It was great that friends and family could view the contest as it was going and give me feedback from an outside perspective. I couldn't be happier with the outcome!

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Winning design #140 by Saulharos, Logo Design for bringing ugly obsolete houses back from the dead Contest
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designed by Saulharos

Project description

I need a logo (more wide than tall) to be used on business cards, letter head, T shirts for the construction crews, and sale banners. I need it to be clear and clean and work on something as small as a give away pencil, medium sized to work as a car magnet that people will drive by quickly and need to get the message, to a larger banner at one of our construction sites. I'd like it to be a cleaner type of graphic (think pictogram) than fussy. It should work well in black and white or a 2 color process. I would like the tag line to be "bringing houses back". The type should also be clean looking and easy to read while driving by (no serifs, script, or italics please).

To give you an idea of what I'm after...I keep thinking of a logo I saw for an organization called Christian Vision. There was a small green shoot of a plant with two leaves emerging in the foreground and to the left was an elongated shadow of it in gray in the shape of a cross. It was a really strong clear image. I want our logo to be simple but powerful and memorable...but not creepy. You don't need to take literally from that example, but I share it to express what I'm after in a logo - a visual image that speaks to both words in the business name "Resurrection Houses" and shows visually what our business philosophy is of taking an old house and bringing it back to a useful life.

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  • Dear CH, Thanks for your feedback... As requested, house outline in green... it looks nice like this. I have also added No.49 showing you what it would look like with a dark grey squiggle. Kind regards Liz
  • Dear Ch, My new entry with darker grey house and similar shape of the grey house as the green one. Different font is used and leaves are also new as well as the rectangle shape of window is used. Hope you like it. Ready for doing any change or corrections. Thank You.
  • Tweaked my design a bit to make the bird look more like a shadow :)
  • Hello dear CH I'v made something for You. Hope You like that. I'm ready for any modifications edit: #41 - one color view
  • Another study. house icon from black and white to colored. from resting to standing. hope u find it interesting.. thanks
  • Hello CH, I took in your suggestions and improved upon my design; I edited the house to be more realistic looking and less cartoonish and changed the font and colors of the lettering to be easier to read at a glance. Please let me know if you have further suggestions. Thank you very much!
  • #31 #32 These are another studies. Two houses, the one without a door is the old and ugly house, the other, with the door is the improved house - it becomes a "home"...thanks
  • #31 #32 two houses. the one without the door is the old/ugly house, the other with the door is the improved house - it becomes a "home"....
  • i like the simpleness of the green house..if you make the windows rectangles. The grey house almost feels asian...can you make it more similar to the green house?
  • this image feels too church like
  • I like the font a lot. I like the open door with light coming out a lot. and overall the clean design. I'm just not sure about the hand It initially felt more budda like than Christ like to me. Can you try another one with the elements I like and rethink the hand???
  • Hi thanks for your entry. FYI resurrection is spelled wrong. As people read left to right could you put the old house on the left and new to the right and make the house less cartoon like thanks
  • hello paulokoala, i have just added a new entry[#23]. please check.i and give rating/eliminated.
  • Jey
    Dear CH, Please give me our opinion for my design. Thank's.
  • Dear Ch, New House with more strong font used. Hope you like it. Thanks.
  • This feels a little too cute...sorry.
  • This feels a little too jack o lantern...the dove is interesting though
  • This is a kind of sweet whisper...I need a quick people get it as they drive by in their cars
  • Hi, I need a quicker read...these versions are too detailed
  • I'm sorry this doesn't work for me