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Winning design #301 by trajankamilkova, Logo Design for Broker Online Exchange - Contest
Gold Medal

designed by trajankamilkova

Project description

We have created a state of the art web based platform that connects brokers and suppliers and provides end to end support by managing the entire supply side of the sales process including, pricing, contracting, communication, and payment tracking.

The product we are starting with is deregulated energy, which is typically sold through a broker, but the platform can ultimately include additional brokered products, such as telecom, insurance, etc...
The logo coloring should conform with the site as we plan to re-brand that partner site to our business.
We would like to utilize the BOX idea emanating from Broker Online eXchange, to indicate that the platform is a box that has all the solutions in it.

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  • Hi Ch, Please preview my entry #361 and hope you will like also let me know your valuabale feedback. Thanks...
  • hi, copy you google link : Withdrawn #301
  • Hi, another concpet. can you provide some feedback #349
  • hi arthur1, kindly take a look at my entry.. hope you like it,,. thanks #348
  • Hi, I went ahead and placed this design in different colors and backgrounds so that you may see what the design looks like in different settings.Please let me know if you would like to see the design any other way.Thank you . #342
  • Hello sir, greetings of friendship, we create designs with number #330 #331, hopefully you love our designs, if there are less please give us a critique of,,,
  • Hi, Box to left side. #327
  • Hi, All black lettering. #325
  • Hi, Another one with different font. #324
  • Hi Arthur, Here is cleaned and more simpler style. I can make any combo of colors you want. Please let me know if you would like to see any. Thanks, Alan #316
  • Can you make the bottom part of the diamond be a true green? instead of the blueish/green color? It looks great! #301
  • One more adjustment...can you make the box not have the "tail" at the bottom? just straight across like the top of the box is? Thx...this looks great. #312
  • maybe some different letter placement but you get the idea #313
  • Hi, I remade the circle in blue and removed the red.I did darken the background slightly.If you would like I can remove the background to only show white.If you would like to see the design with any other changes feel free to ask and I will adjust to your preferences. Thank you. #309
  • Hoping this will work for you.Thank you. #231
    • @handartdesigns I like this, can we see without the red?

    • @arthur1 + Yes ,I know your contest does not have much time left but I will get right on with redesigning with the Blue only.Thank you for letting me know.If by chance you choose my design for your new logo I am very willing to make the design any color or change what ever it will need to make you happy with your final logo.Thank you again.

  • Hi, My entry personifies the four solutions listed on the uk site. SME, Corporate, Energy Engine and Outbroker. These are represented by the four cubes that make up the square "O" of the word "BOX". The square "O" (4 cubes) is essentially the box, where all of the solutions are located. I will be providing several combinations of colors for comparison. I would be happy to work with you to make any changes you like to make sure you get what you want. I can adjust colors, fonts, layout until you are satisfied with the results. Thank you for consideration of my work. Alan #276
    • @ah_can_do_it Thanks for the entries, this is not the direction we would like to go. a little too busy for us. thx

  • We do not want a money symbol in our logo. thanks #263
  • This is good, Can I see without the red...only the blue in the O. thx #231
  • Could I see this with the words across the Blue Box instead of below them? #245
  • Could I see this in black instead of the grey? It looks really good. #287