Brother's Cup Distillery

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Winning design #91 by hollander, Logo Design for Brother's Cup Distillery Contest
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designed by hollander

Project description

Brother’s Cup Distillery

Brand Identity


That name should basically speak for itself, be quite self-explanatory. Very descriptive, everyone can immediately understand what this business is about and then there is a slightly evocative part to it which is what I’ll try to describe here now….

The evocative part, the part where you have to read between the lines, to get that touchy-feely stuff that’s where the real meaning, the real identity lies. The word “brother’s” hints at a family business – which in itself has many positive connotations: small, trustworthy, honesty……..then there’s “cup” the most basic form of liquid holding container for drinking. Not a fancy crystal glassware item, just a plain ol’ cup. Again conjures emotions of being down to earth, not snobbish, and hinting at simpler times (without going too far into this whole “all used to be better back then/good ol’ times” common to many hipster trends).

So it’s at minimum 2 people enjoying, sharing a drink together. Doesn’t have to be brothers, could be sisters or simply no siblings at all. Any friend, acquaintances and even a complete stranger can become your brother/sister by sharing a cup of our spirits. That’s what we’re all about. We wanna create experiences with our spirits.

Bring people together with our spirits.

We are authentic, we strive for excellence by experimentation, we are transparent about our products – provenance and traceability are a given. Actually used for marketing! We’re very open and global in our experiences and this will also influence our spirits – be it Asia, Africa, Europe or the entire American continent, we draw influences and inspiration from everywhere.

We’re based in the southern Netherlands – but not actually from there, so we will not create an identity that’s focused on a certain regional heritage. We have very global backgrounds ourselves and those experiences have shaped us. Therefore we believe in shared experiences that ultimately define who we are. Brother’s Cup Distillery is all about sharing experiences!


What spirits will we make?

Our first release will be a Gin, but we are already working on a Whiskey and our first Rum – so we do not want our logo to be a Gin, Whiskey or Rum logo, but a logo that is for a distillery. Label designs will be designed based on the logo at a later stage (TBD if a follow-up with the winning designer or we’ll simply run a new contest).


Our BCD logo should ideally be a somewhat descriptive image and not plain made up. Means the logo could (does not have to, if you feel you got a great idea – go for it) somehow visualize – more or less directly brothers, a cup and distilling or spirits. It should not be too complex and detailed, not overly playful. We unfortunately have no other graphic that could display something identifying about us, no mountain or river, or some building in a skyline….hence we have to create something that is completely new, yet can become an easily recognizable brand.

Colors – we’re open for mostly everything, either simple black and white or more colors. We do need to keep in mind with choosing this that it’s our logo – and our actual bottle labels might change over time but we wanna keep our logo constant.

If you have any questions please just post them below in the comments and we’ll do our best to answer!

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    Thanks Feedback. #136
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    thanks feedback. #134
  • Dear Designers,

    less than 12hrs left! Make your last submission, get your last chance to win the prize!!

    We do have some entries that we like better than others, but we are still open minded and have NOT YET picked a winner.....

    This is your chance! Come up with something creative, unique and cool and you might just take it all in the last minutes :)

    Good luck to all!
  • Thanks but this is too simple, and it is a wine bottle... #121
  • @jochen_silberg I've made some changes. I put in the lower line to represent a table and the middle connected lines that represent people coming together and enjoying a drink together. Hopefully it's a bit better. Regards! #114
  • About #106, @mehsugeh Yea, better than before, we'll take it into consideration.
    • About #106, @jochen_silberg Thanks, i'm glad.

  • About #107, @junifer Better than before, but the crown still is an issue here.
    • About #107, @jochen_silberg Hi Ch, thank you so much to your feedback. i will make a new revision the the designs. thanks

      kind regards,

  • About #103, @banaspati Better, but still not really speaking to us.
  • About #104, @banaspati It feels like saloon/chicago or something, but not like us.
  • About #112, @Cagu Yes, this is a much better version. We'll take it into consideration.
    • About #112, @jochen_silberg Thank you for your feedback, I really appreciate it

  • About #108, @junifer Certainly an inspired attempt, but the crown on top is not us...
  • About #109, @maxx Same as with previous entry!
  • About #110, @maxx Don't really like this bottle, doesn't really resemble a still either...
  • About #111, @maxx This is much better - the c-cup - than in your previous entry. The font could possibly be changed. WE'll take it into consideration.
  • About #104, @banaspati We feel that there are too many different/incoherent things goind on here, a very cluttered design.
  • About #103, @banaspati Not sure what it is about this one, but for me it evokes an image of online gaming.....I don't see a good fit to disitlling.
  • About #102, @aferrer5199 This just seems a bit too looks like it was taken straight from one of those clipart discs that went around in the early 90s
  • About #101, @trroy Same as with entry before!
  • About #100, @trroy Same as with entry before!
  • About #99, @trroy Same as with entry before!