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Winning design #1047 by jack22, Logo Design for BROWN'S STONE MASONRY  Contest
Gold Medal

designed by jack22

Project description

Im after a logo, and branding image to go with a business that has been operating now some 15 years and is in need of updating, its been a family business and we take pride in the skill and craftsmanship that goes into our work/ stonemasonry...

looking for a solid 3d type cubist  logo, with either a play on B
I've always liked the traditional layout of older style signage, / but am open and intrigued by a modern solid and simple  logo and style...
please refer to attached example2 stylised logo jpeg sample image. is very desirable and a play on this style colour and 3d form would be a great place to evolve the design, the line through the lettering kinda suggests a stacking of blocks, this is a strong element to the style and may work well in the full name if the font selected is strong enough to emphasise this key design element.
Am open to all ideas and have attached several files of style, colour, and shapes I find appealing.
Thanks very much for your time and effort.
Shaun Bown

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  • @brownstonemason ! Here is some changes in the design please let me know if you need any changes in the design. Thanks #1257
  • please check my revise evolutions . #1249
  • how about this ? #1247
  • @brownstonemason Hello CH please see entries #1225 & #1230 thanks
  • please check my revisions
    according to you give me feedback.
    thanks .
    regards #1136
    • @Rio_Iqbal ! Hi there i"ll already submited this concept but eliminated.

    • @Sunnyali1451 Thank you for your comment, I just did what the contest holders wanted.

    • @Rio_Iqbal ! Please read all comments . Thanks

    • @Sunnyali1451 why should you look at other people's comments, if you do it without you getting feedback from the contest holder it means you copy their designs, if you get feedback you must do it

    • @Rio_Iqbal ! Yah . Thank for your reply

    • @Sunnyali1451 Okay, no problem . because I prioritize professionals who work by working on feedback from contest holders, not working on the feedback given by contest holders to others. it looks disgusting and seems to have no idea of ​​its own if we do the feedback that the contest holder gives to others

    • @Rio_Iqbal ! Yeah feedback is very important for contest holder .

    • @Sunnyali1451 ! Best of luck and Thanks for reply .

    • @Sunnyali1451 okay no problem.

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