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This whole experience was a lot of fun. We are happy with our new logo and we have really enjoyed working with the designer Piterbeat. When i had questions there was usually someone available to answer them within minutes. The whole process was quite easy. My only criticism would be that the voting platform was not very user-friendly. I had a lot of friends say that they tried to vote but weren't able to.

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Winning design #683 by piterbeat, Logo Design for Bryce Darden DDS Contest
Gold Medal

designed by piterbeat

Project description

We are looking for a new logo design that is more current in style than our existing design.  You can see our current logo at  It's attractive in general but it's a little too traditional, not quite the cutting edge we are looking for. 

We want our logo to reflect our high quality service and use of advanced technology and techniques.  We live in a small town community and try to deliver a personalized boutique type of service to our patients but we do cater to the PPO or private pay patients. 

Overall, we want our logo to be impressive and communicate excellent quality with a modern (but not ultra-ultra-trendy) feel. 

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  • feedback please, thank you before #1049
    • @kenzicakep I LOVE the font in this image. Thank you.

  • I like the font size better in this one than in #610 #499
    • About #499, @christydarden
      thank you
      please check the files I just uploaded
      if you mean like?
      I really hope to win this contest

      best regards

    • About #499, @christydarden
      My logo design has become a role model in this contest
      I hope it does not change your decision

    • About #499, @christydarden sorry my design drag

    • @chiko I eliminated most entries who copied your design because you were the original designer.

  • why did you withdraw 608 and 637? I am trying to select my winner and those two were my favorites? #499
    • About #499, @christydarden
      forgive my mistakes
      I think you are not confident with my logo
      I've uploaded again

    • About #499, @christydarden
      what about my design?
      you are not confident with my design?

    • @chiko Yes, I do like your design. It is one of my favorites. I just uploaded it for voting on Facebook (for patients to vote) and the voting contest ends in December. Thank you for putting it back up.

  • how about this one? #789
    • hi ,@christydarden, sorry to ask, beg my design response? thank you
      This is a combination of the initials B and D symbolizes the turnaround efforts continue to develop ..

      thank you
      Warm regards

    • @christydarden, please check,#683 and feedback for my design, thanks

  • hiden gumdrop trees concepts #1106

    I used the letters B and D in developing the logomark. The logomark is a simple but unique illustration of an open, smiling mouth showing two top incisors. I formed it utilizing negative space where the letter B forms the 2 teeth while the letter D forms the open mouth. #1103
  • Bryce Darden DDS #1101
  • I hope you like it. Thanks. #1084
  • thanks for the appreciation of and suport,,, if my design that needs to be fixed, you can reply to my comment is ... once again thanks #926
  • I hope you like it. Thanks. #1053
  • feedback please, thank you before #1050
  • feedback please #1046
  • feedback please, thank you before #1042
  • feedback please, thank you before #1040
  • feedback please, thank you before #1039
  • Please check and give me a feedback. thanks #1028
  • please feedback to my design. thanks #1027
  • Hi, Please review my logo design
    and please giving feedback.

    I made this design with your instructions,
    Minimalist, Modern, Serious, Subtle, and Luxury appear in this design.
    Using negative space, making two or more meanings in this logo.
    There are letters B and D as the initials Bryce Darden in the normal position, but if at the view 90 degrees counter-clockwise you can see the open mouth with two teeth, or it could be a sign of pleasure from the quality results that Bryce Darden DDS do.

    Thank you again. #1013
  • Simple, modern, serious & luxury logo design. #974
  • Simple, modern, serious & luxury logo design. #973