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Winning design #272 by JART, Logo Design for Bucket List Adventures       Costa Rica Contest
Gold Medal

designed by JART

Project description

I’m looking for a logo for a new company here in Costa Rica. The primary focus will be on sportfishing, but the name was left vague enough to allow for diversification thru other opportunities. I need something that displays the idea of the “bucket list” not an actual picture of a bucket. I want it to grab the attention of the person looking to check marlin or sailfish off their bucket list. 

I would like to potentially see something with a compass rose and or the Costa Rica flag or colors. 

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  • Looks great. I would like to try a few more things and some friends take a look. Sorry for being so picky. I just want to get this right the first time however, I will be needing more in the near future. Thanks for doing all I ask. Can we make the sportfishing slightly larger? Say in between this and the first one. I would also like to see some other compass and fish options. As realistic as you can find. They can either be marlin or sailfish. We can work off this one only, but I will ultimately like to see It on both configurations. 273/272 #273
    • @jeff_holliday #322 and #323

  • Wish you like this logo too #319
  • Wish you like it! #318
  • please check #317
  • please check #315
  • please check #314
  • please check #313
  • please check #309
  • i think you are like it... #293
  • About #290, @meformylove Dear CH, i submitted my design for your logo. I am hoping for your response for me to enhance more my design. Thank you!
  • ?? #289
  • Yes like this, but remove the eye of the hook. All I want is the barb towards the end. Also if you can keep the same proportions of the letter as the original. Make it look like all you added was the barb towards the end. I like the sharp thinning line. #263
    • @jeff_holliday Please check #272 and #273 ..

  • Take a look at the hook point on 213. This is what I’m getting at. #264
  • Please make the same changes here as noted on 263. #264
  • Okay these look great. Can you put a barb on the bottom of the B where it turns up to look like a hook? Also, if you could scale the “sportfishing” down just a little. Please do this to both 251 and 250. We are very close. #251
    • @jeff_holliday working on it now

    • @jeff_holliday please check #263 .. thank you

    • @jeff_holliday and #264

    • @jeff_holliday and also #265

    • @jeff_holliday another options #266 and #267

  • please check #260
  • Hi there, kindly let me know your thoughts on this design proposal for further development. Many thanks. Godspeed #258
  • Any chance you could find a fish and compass similar to #232? Also if you could change the Adventures to Sportfishing with the small Costa Rica like you did on #226. #233
    • @jeff_holliday please check #251 .. thanks

  • Something else, if you could make the bottom of the have a barb like a fishing hook. Google image circle hook. #233