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I need a logo designed for my blog. My blog is about me traveling the world and learning new extreme sports. Also participating in any activity you could imagine on someones bucket list. From stand up comedy to swimming with sharks to climbing cliffs and BASE jumping off. The logo i would like to be a map of the world / like a globe with a person climbing up the outside (like rock climbing), a person standing on the top with their hands in the air ( as if they have just climbed a mountain) and a person jumping off in a wing suit ( which is used in sky diving and base jumping). I am going to let the designers choose the colours. I would also like Bucket List Nomad in font next to it. I will also want a file with bucketlistnomad.com next to the logo These files need to be ok for me to use as a watermark over photos and videos also. With the main logo, i also want the construction pieces to use as a sort of cartoon for the intros to my videos. I will need the picture with : just the globe : the globe with a man climbing on it :the globe with a man standing on top :the gobe with a man jumping off in the wing suit. I am really excited to see how well you can turn my idea into a picture.

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  • Hi, Thank you for submitting a design soon i appreciate it. You are on the right track, however as it is i would not be happy with it as a final product. I think it was great with what you did with the man standing back in triumph, however for this project it would be to over the top. If you check my site www.bucketlistnomad.com (still very much under construction) you will see a photo of me standing on a cliff. I would prefer a pose more similar to that. The base jumper does look good, However i would much prefer someone in a wing suit. If you google images for sky dive wing suit or base jump wing suit you will see what i mean. Though the climber is great, exactly what i was imagining when i submitted the design! As for colours, The globe doesn't need to be natural colours, i'd like to still do something creative there. Even if it does make the logo more minimal looking. If you would like to give it another go that would be great, if not thank you for your submission. Regards, Ian
  • I have the very start of my blog uploaded to www.bucketlistnomad.com you will find a photo of me that can be used to get the shape of the person standing on top of the world if you wish. The site is in very early stages however, Still have a lot of editing to do. That is why i wanted the logo done to help with the site design and colours. - Ian Hard, Bucket List Nomad.
  • Hi CH, thanks for the feedback and some direction towards your final product. Please look at #7 and #8, I have made some changes, hopefully these are good for you. I have also made the jumper a bit 'winged' Thanks
  • Hi, Thank you for your design You were on the right track. Though i would not use this as a finished product. I do not really like the colours and i think the size proportions of the pictures are a bit out. Thank you for your time though Regards, Ian
  • Hi, Thank you for your design. You are on the right track, though i don't really like the colours and just the size proportions and the feel of it, Thank you for your time though Regards, Ian
  • Hi, Thank you for your design I do really like this design, The colours are great! 2 things i would ask you to change would be, Spin the base jumper around 180 degrees so its a if he is jumping away from the globe. The rock climber pose i think looks a little try hard, like a show off sort of pose. I would prefer a more natural body position for the climber as if he is actually climbing up the side not hanging on like some of the other entries. Also, please submit that as a design, And another one with the changes i just made, also with the man standing on top of the globe instead of infront of it. I would like to compare the 2. If you do not understand what i mean exactly please do let me know and i will try explain better. Regards, Ian
  • Hi, Thank you for your design. I do like your creativity here. I do need the main final logo to have the globe picture with the climber on there, the person on the top and a person jumping off all in the one logo. As these logos are great, there is not one that has all 3 men on there at once. The idea of having the different pictures is for me to use it to make a cartoon for my video intros and outros. All other times i will be using the main logo that has the climber, the base jumper and the man on top. Also, I'd like the base jumper jumping away from the from the world. not into it.. so around the other way. Regards, Ian
  • Thanks for your comment, I can bounce on them. I will redraw the base jumper (actually I did draw wings on it but maybe not visible enough) and use the pict on your blog.
  • We do not allow copying. http://image.spreadshirt.com/image-server/v1/designs/3842821,height=150,width=150,skydiver.png Please, try to be more creative.
  • We do not allow raster images in a logo contests. Please read the rules accurately.
  • Hi, I have submitted #25 with a change to the man on top, please delete #24 it looks far too much like another silhouette. thanks
  • Hi, Thanks again for another edit! What you have done with the word Nomad is great turning it into a compass. Love the idea. I am glad you did that because i was getting frustrated with the level of creativity in the comp! I know you have done the man on top how i have asked, and i apologise but can we try something different there. I really like the pose that has been used on entry #16 I believe a lot can be read about body expression and i believe it is the same even if it is just a picture. I don't want a pose that is to powerful. If we could try something like entry #16 and if you would like to come up with one of your own that would be great. I don't mind if you just submit it in this colour on entry #22 for now. Thanks! Regards, Ian
  • Good day Ian, I have submitted entries #17 #18 #19 #20, I have varied a few elements in each, colours, positioning of characters and shapes of characters, please let me know of any more refinements that can be made through the process. It's no problem changing any elements for your design. Thank you for the feedback and communication. Best regards.
  • Hi, Thank you for your design The wing suit is the best i have seen so far, Thank you for that. Also the drawing of the man on top is the best i have seen. I like the pose you chose there, it does display the look i am after. The climber is also good However, I do not like the colour scheme, I want it a little more minimal looking. It all looks a bit busy. I like the minimal look of entries #7 and #8 Thanks Regards, Ian
  • Hi, Thank you for the changes! Your design is coming along great. Firstly the wing suit is not what i am after. It is much better now you have spinned him around but can you try draw a wing suit. I just posted another comment which shows what the wing suit looks like. It has a very specific shape.. I am not really after a man with wings. A quick google will show you what i am after The climber looks great. No changes there I do like both designs with the man in different places. However can you try a pose similar to #16 i am liking the look of that. Also i am being a little bit fussy here but when the man is standing inside the circle, Please move him over so his feet are both standing on the rings, so move him up and to the left a little bit. I am really liking the colours you have chosen. Though as well as the ones as you have submitted can we try one in blue and black, similar to the colours on www.bucketlistnomad.com (these colours i have been waiting to change once the logo was finished any way) also lets try one in red and black. I hope its just a simple job to change the colours. With all those changes we could get close to a final design. I thank you for your time and effort. Regards, Ian
  • Hi, Thank you for your new submission. It is a very different look then i am after. Though thank you for your creativity Regards, Ian Bruce
  • Hi, Thank you for your design It is a decent attempt, i support your creativity but it is far from what i am after still. I am after a climber, not an abseiler. I am after a wing suit, not a man with little wings drawn in. personally i do not like the pose you used for the man on top. Also i do not really like the colours I am sorry to dissapoint. However i thank you for your design Regards, Ian Bruce
  • Hi, Thank you for your design To be honest though the concept is right it is far from what i am after, I do not like the colours or the size of the people. I am after a climber, not an abseiler I am after a person jumping in a wingsuit, i just posted a comment explaining this.. However i did like the pose of the person on top. Thank you any way
  • Hi everyone, Just wanted to clear a few things up. This is what a wingsuit looks like. I am not after a sky diver with a few wings drawn on his arms. Sorry i guess i assumed everyone knew what one was. Copy and paste URL into browser or search for "wingsuit" on google https://www.google.com.au/search?num=10&hl=en&site=imghp&tbm=isch&source=hp&biw=1279&bih=658&oq=wingsuit+&gs_l=img.3..0l10.557.2724.0.3236. Note, the wing suit should fly AWAY from the globe. Not into it
  • Hi, Thank you for your attempt. You sort of had the right idea, However it is still far off what i am after. Personally i do not like all 3 poses of the people. The wing suit sort of looks like a peter pan with wings. Please see above comment. Also i think the colours are very plane. Nothing catchy about them. Sorry to dissapoint, thank you for your attempt any way Regards, Ian