Buffalo Precision Glass LLC.

Great number of logo designs to choose from. Unfortunately I pick the guy who struggled with English so making changes were very difficult, but Design Contest customer service stepped in and provided a very happy ending. All good.

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Winning design #78 by Khai, Logo Design for Buffalo Precision Glass LLC. Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Khai

Project description

We need a logo. Buffalo Precision Glass produces world-class precision, high-powered reflective optics used as components in optical equipment for demanding applications such as: Visual Imaging, Illumination and Lighting, Air, Rail, and Highway Safety, Light Collection, Solar electric generation & Climatology. In simple terms we bend plate glass into concave and convex shapes. So I can see a logo with multiple round convex lenses and the company Initials BPG incorporated along with the domain BuffaloPrecisionGlass.com underneath. I need it for print,web and stationary, so a variety of file formats. A logo that looks good in four color and one color. I am thinking blue, grays/silver and black but open to other colors. High tech and modern should be the feel.

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  • Looks good. You have "Buffalo" spelled wrong in the domain name. Also could you change the capital letters ( B, P, G )in the domain name to blue color? Would like to see if the color change looks good. Thanks
    • sorry I didn't peruse the sentence Buffalo, they assured Bufalo., but I cannot send the design again. If elected I fix. Thank You. im sorry my bad english.

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      pixelsbit {*wrote*}:
      sorry I didn't peruse the sentence Buffalo, they assured Bufalo., but I cannot send the design again. If elected I fix. Thank You. im sorry my bad english.
      |--| OK, that is fair.

    • Delivery design in limit by design contest, up to 3 design

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      kentkeating {*wrote*}:
      OK, that is fair.
      |--| You are the winner. I need to move forward on this project.

    • OK, thank you CH, Already chosen my design in this contest

    • Can I see your design #6 with the colors reversed, now that you are the official winner? Also would like to see the domain name in black. Thanks Kent

  • hi kentkeating i just posted entry#36 hope to hear feedback from you. thanks
  • I really like this logo. The logo in the lower right corner is my favorite color. Can you make the black darker in this one? Also can you change the web address underneath to upper case and lower case letters like this: BuffaloPrecisionGlass.com You pick the typeface. Thanks
  • I would like to see someone design a logo more along the lines of an optic lenses like entry #9. In the end we make large optic lenses, so a design the resembles a convex lenses could be cool. Thanks
  • Dear CH, thank you for your assessment #67, if there are any suggestions or comments please Tell me, I would immediately improve my design, thank you ...
  • We have a winner! I like this design the best. We need just a few modifications and it will be perfect. Thanks to all that submitted.
  • you have copied entry 47 http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/buffalo-precision-glass-llc/entry/67