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Design Contest was great. I got a lot of great ideas from a lot of great people. The crowd source option is a really great way to go!


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Winning design #53 by GabrielEffy, Logo Design for Building Minds Contest
Gold Medal

designed by GabrielEffy

Project description

We are seeking a new logo to reflect a new image we are trying to create.  We are an education company that teaches science and engineering concepts to children using Lego bricks and other fun, hands-on learning tools.  We are trying to position ourselves as the experts in hands-on learning techniques.  

Our mission is:  To help others succeed by using fun, hands-on learning techniques that teach STEM concepts and develop teamwork, communication and problem-solving skills.  

Our tag line is: Building Success through hands-on learning fun.  

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  • tlc
    These are beautiful entries. Thank you for submitting them. They are great ideas and very professional looking. In the end, I think we've decided to use a logo with blocks in it. #63
    • About #63, @tlc Sure sir ill put colorfull blocks between hand & mind...

  • tlc
    This is probably the best version, though I still find it a little busy. #53
    • About #53, @tlc Maybe it is a little busy, but is easy to read. This one represents a strong relation between kids and I think this is one of the most important thing.

  • Hi i submitted a proposal for logo and I would greatly appreciate it if you kindly give me some feedback
    Thank you! #63
  • Looking forward for your feedback again soon! #62
  • tlc
    Thank you for your entry. I do love this design, but we have decided it is too "business like" and not playful enough to reach our intended audience. #23
  • tlc
    Thank you for your entries. We have decided that these are too "business like" and not playful enough, so we do not think they will reach our intended audience. #26
  • tlc
    I like this version of the logo better than the one with the words encircling it. #42
  • tlc
    Thank you for this entry. It is very lovely, but I do not think it communicates what we are trying to say. It also does not use the colors I requested. #60
  • tlc
    This is a beautiful entry. I appreciate the entry. #42
    • @tlc Great! If there is anything I can do, don't hesitate to let me know. Thanks.

  • tlc
    All of your entries are very beautiful and evoke happy feelings in me. Unfortunately, they are not using the colors I requested and I am not sure they communicate the message well. This one probably does that better than any of the others. #47
  • tlc
    This is a very nice design. Thank you. #56
  • tlc
    I really don't want to use Legos in my logo. We use other tools as well, so I don't want to limit outselves. #54
  • tlc
    Thank you for this entry. It is very unique. Unfortunately, the age of the child is not within our range and I find the overall look a little busy and confusing. #55
  • tlc
    This captures the idea but is too busy. Too many blocks between the silouettes #50
    • About #50, @tlc Yes, you are right. At a bugger scale it is good, but as a logo is too busy.

  • tlc
    About #41, @bcra This is lovely, but it does not use the colors I requested. I also appreciate the idea of a tree but I do not think it communicates our message well.
  • tlc
    This is very nice, but I am not sure it communicates our message very clearly. #46
  • tlc
    I like this idea but it does not use the colors I requested. I prefer more primary colors. #49
  • tlc
    Thank you all for your entries. I have enjoyed the contest. After this contest closes, I will finish reviewing all entries and select a winner by Weds, November 12. Thank you again for your input. I really do appreciate it!
  • new idea #47
  • my second idea #45