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Winning design #147 by kendesign01, Logo Design for BullAndBearProfits.com Contest
Gold Medal

designed by kendesign01

Project description

Seeking an all-vector (no bitmaps), scalable logo that is wider than it is tall (at about a 18:9 to 24:9 ratio). It will need to look great against all white (hex #FFFFFF) all black (hex #000000) blue (hex: #233962) and beige (hex: #D3C9BC), even if that means 2 variations of the same logo design to look good at the opposing contrasts of darker vs. lighter backgrounds. We want to be able to scale the logo up to any size and it will look fantastic: from business card small (cm sizes) to roadside billboard large (multiple meters size)

The business to be represented by this logo is a stock (market) investing business based in the United States called: BullAndBearProfits.com For imagery, we think we want a creative blend of the 2 animals: a bull and a bear or just their heads, along with anything else that might connect to or imply investing, making money, etc. We favor imagery for mature adults (serious investors), so we probably will not like anything towards cute or cuddly imagery, favoring FIERCE or INTENSE (bull & bear) looks over something that might appeal to children or look like children’s cartoon characters. 

If you choose to include a bull and bear in your design, we do NOT want one of them to overly dominate the other, so aim for about the same relative sizes. In other words, your bull should not seem more powerful than your bear... or vice-versa. In investing, either is more powerful than the other at any given time.

FYI: In investing, the bull represents a rising market and a bear represents a falling market. If one is bullish on a stock, they are expecting the price of that stock to go up. If bearish, they are expecting the price of that stock to go down. The goal of investing is to grow wealth (make money), realize increases in investing account size, etc. Thus, adornments of money (U.S. hundred dollar bills if any money imagery is actually used), charts showing account growth, stock market tickers and other stock market imagery might be applied in your logo design.

Google search stock market imagery, bull market, bear market, profit, money-making, regal, wealth and similar as part of firing your inspiration. There are already many such businesses that use bulls and bears in their logos. We want the BEST logo against any already in use.

The perfect logo will cleverly mesh the above, not favoring one concept at the expense of the other. For example, we don’t want someone who sees the logo to think we raise steers (bulls) or maybe are a zoo (bull and bear). We want anyone to see it to immediately think that this is an investing/stock market business.

We also want a clean, relatively-simple logo. So in spite of so much detail and adornment concepts shared above, don’t be confused into thinking that we want every suggestion to appear in what would be a very cluttered logo if you did throw all that together.  We share adornment ideas only to help your inspiration- not because we want a cluttered logo. In short, we’re trying to get a simple, clean, vector logo design that conveys the concept that we help bullish AND bearish investors make lots of money.

Our company & website name will be BullAndBearProfits.com and would like that name with or without the .com suffix used in the logo... or accompanying/around it. In plain text we show it exactly as shown there (capital letters exactly as is) to cleanly distinguish the 4 words. However, feel free to use a color(s) or other design options to accomplish the same if your logo designs favors showing the name in all caps. The key is making the 4 words obvious & visible at a quick glance; we don’t want anyone trying to figure out it’s a 4-word name because their mind is fooled into blending letters that are not meant to be blended. 

The dominant font family we’ll be using on our website will be a Google webfont called OpenSans: https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Open+Sans and OpenSansCondensed: https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Open+Sans+CondensedWe desire you make use of that font family or a complimentary font face that will look good on pages of content otherwise presented in Google OpenSans. 

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