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Winning design #93 by Khai, Logo Design for Bunbury Community Radio Contest
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designed by Khai

Project description

BUNBURY COMMUNITY RADIO - LOGO BRIEF Develop a logo for Bunbury Community Radio, a new FM radio station set to commence broadcasting late in 2014. MANDATORIES The following must be included in the logo. • 103.7fm (*) • Bunbury Community Radio • Reference to the Bunbury region in Western Australia (*) Please note this frequency may change and logo may need to be amended to include new frequency Note: Bunbury is the regional centre of south Western Australia; a busy port and commercial centre, whilst still retaining a country town feel. There is a long white sandy beach along the west coast and numerous rivers feeding a large estuary teeming with bird life, crabs with a large population of dolphins. TONE OF LOGO To represent the Bunbury Community Radio brand and reflect its personality: • Contemporary without being cutting edge modern. • Appeal to demographics of various ages (35 to 80). REQUIREMENTS AND COLOURS The logo will be used in a various print and digital mediums. Print will include but not be limited to letters, posters, programs, catalogues, signage, education material, signage, and newspaper advertising. Digital uses will include television and websites, social media and electronic newsletters. It needs be effective and recognisable in mono and at a minimum height of 2.5cm. While no specific colours have been identified it is recommended that a maximum of two colours are used. Colours to be avoided are dark blue and orange (used together). Final logo to be provided in colour and mono version in eps format. BACKGROUND Bunbury Community Radio is in the process of applying for a community broadcasting licence to provide a community radio station in the Greater Bunbury area in South West of Western Australia. The station will broadcast to Bunbury, Eaton, Australind, Roelands, Brunswick, Binningup, Dardanup, Gelorup, Dalyellup and Capel. BCR is being created to provide an alternative to the public and commercial stations in the region; its mission is to be by the community for the Community. Bunbury Community Radio programing will included the hits from the 1960s through to now and will provide an outlet to: • Promote local community, arts, cultural and sporting groups and events • Support local musicians, writers and poets • Promote the oral history of the region • Cater for alternative musical tastes • Support the indigenous community • Provide a voice for the disabled • Promote education and learning as a lifetime experience • Enable multicultural access • Highlight local social areas of concern • Promote tourism in the region Bunbury Community Radio aspires to maintain broad appeal while providing services to the community

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  • Hi pina, #29 is my draft design proposal, which is pictorially tied to the Bunbury area (the Bunbury Tower is morphed into a microphone) and shown in sample colors. I'm ready for your feedback and requests.
  • Thank you for the design, The graphic and the text don't work together they look like separate elements. graphic too busy for text. We like the strong font and the prominence of Bunbury in the text. Colours are not vibrant enough. Similar comments for the horizontal version.
    • Thank you very much for your feedback,, i have submitted my new concept #17, and #22 for the other colors :) Regards, -- Update -- New design #30 for more simple modern concept

  • would like to see in other colour options, not a fan of the red and blue on white.
  • Thank you for the design, The design is very busy. I don't like the fonts used or the 4 colours used. Please limit colours to 2.
  • I would like to see this in other colours
    • Hi CH, i have submitted two color variations of the same logo. please check #11 and #12 . letme know if any modification required. Tnx

    • Thanks, I will get back to you once I have had a chance to discuss with more of our members.

  • It looks like a truck??? don't like the shape of the black surrounding it. don't feel it is modern enough. Our frequency is 103.7.
  • Don't like the font used for Bunbury or 103.7fm. The 103.7fm looks like a late addition and doesn't gel with the rest of the logo.
  • thanks for this versions, colours are still not modern or active enough. Still can not see what the graphic is in the 0. Would like to see the word Bunbury more prominent. Looking for a more modern graphic.
  • Thank you for your design. Would like to see the colours more vibrant, don't like outline on graphics or shading on the numbers and text. Numbers and text look like wordart.
  • Thank you for your design Would like to see the use of more vibrant colours. Unsure what the graphical item is in the '0' as it not clear????
  • hi CH, i posted entry#31 hope to hear feedback from you. thanks
  • Dear CH, Here I present my entry no. #36, Hope you like it
  • Hi pina: #33 is a more modern, streamlined but still representative version of my first concept (#29), also featuring the "Bunbury Tower Broadcast Microphone" custom graphic as a recognizable and distinctive icon. Colors can be changed to your taste. I'm ready for your feedback and requests.
  • Hi Ch, I already submitted my new entry#32 in the response of my previous entry#8. Thanks for the comments you made. Actually this is my last entry because I can only send maximum of 3 entries . Hope you like this. Khai
  • proportion of microphone/head phones don't look right
    • Thank you for your feedback :) this my new design #30 & #42 hope you like it

    • Dear Pina, Thanks for all your feed back, i already submitted the new concept, making some variations, and improve it. Please let me know if there's something that i can make it better. #83, #84, #87, #89, #94 Kind Regards, Idanism

  • Too many details and colours, would not reproduce well when reduced to 2cm.
    • Yes, and what about the restyled edition, #33? The layout is modern, distinctive and attention-grabbing.

    • Still too much detail and too many colours. would work as a bumper sticker not logo.

    • OK, I'm out; good luck. _____________________________________________________________________

  • Hello CH! I've submitted #44 and I need your feedback to make it better. Kind regards, Benjamin Koren
    • Thank you for your design, Frequency not prominent enough. Would like to see more vibrant colours used.

  • hi CH, just posted entry#49,50,51 hope to hear feedback from you. thanks
    • Thank you.49 is my preferred version, although don't like font used for 'community radio' would like to see it in other colours don't like the red and blue of 50 and 51

  • also would like to see the shadow removed.
  • Colours need to changed as they breach as they are too close to the colours we have asked to avoid in brief.