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Winning design #373 by JuanNoypi, Logo Design for b/uncommon Contest
Gold Medal

designed by JuanNoypi

Project description

Footwear Company that produces High-end leather/rubber Sneakers retailing for $300-$350.  

Cobalt Blue Wordmark Logo will on BOTTOM of the rubber outsole.

Jimmy Choo
Rick Owens
H by Hudson

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  • Ch respectable, according to your request, I've made changes to the design as you wish, I hope you like it, if there is any advice please Tell me, thank you ... #389
  • Hello @sue1 , what's your target range age. Are primarly for kids?
    • @Jobzz hello! sorry about that. Didn't realize you've posted. the target range age is 20-40

  • Please your feedback.
    Thanks #385
  • Please your feedback.
    Thanks. #384
  • Please check my work #375
  • Can you make this part of the u shorter? #368
  • clean and simple ... #368
  • Can I see the inverse version w/ black circle? example: #287 #288
    • About #288, @sue1 here it is ma'am #354

  • give me a feedback #348
  • Can we also do a regular by itself? (without bold) #340
  • Do you have your own personal favorite? #260
    • About #260, @sue1 i like #302 ma'am, it's more simple and classy than the bold ones. :)

  • Juan, let's try something with #341. Move the U and ncommon up so ncommon is in line with the b/
    • About #341, @sue1 copy.. i'm on it ma'am. thank you. :)

    • About #341, @sue1 here it is ma'am #345. thank you.

  • Feedback welcome. #344
  • Hello Juan, Can we do a version of "ncommon" under the u using the same font as #234? #234
  • one bold version of just the b/u alone by itself. #234
    • @sue1 #340 ma'am, bold version of the b/u. thank you.

  • Is this b/u bolder than the rest? i do like the lower case u. or else it will start looking like b/j #287
    • @sue1 yes ma'am the b/u in this design is bolder.

  • A clean and elegante typeface where we make a kind of pun with letters "u" and "n". The crossing lines represent shoe lacess across two feet wearing sneakers: one foot is up to bottom (letter "u") and the other is bottom to up (letter "n").

    An interesting result is a kind of break (in terms of Reading) from "b/" to "uncommon".

    Even in reduced scale, this logotype is perfectly legible.

    Thank you for this job opportunity.

    André. #337
  • Alternative version related to # 321. #325
  • Please review #310
  • #261 let try this very same logo without the "u" in "uncommon". (center 'ncommon')
    • About #261, @sue1 #301 ma'am. thank you!