Burbank Housing Corporation (BHC)

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Project description

Burbank Housing Corporation (BHC) is a private, non-profit affordable housing developer in the City of Burbank (Southern California). Our mission is to develop affordable housing opportunities and to provide a safe, service-enriched environment for our residents.

Although many seniors & persons with disabilities or special needs form part of our affordable housing programs, our emphasis on families colors our efforts to provide larger units and to create the BHC Scholars Program, where children can participate in our after-school mentoring and tutoring program. BHC also operates two accredited child care centers.


We are looking for something completely different from our current logo. We’d like bring in some more color, besides green.  But we would like to stay away from a too-primary color scheme.  We are looking for a modern, clean, uncluttered look.   This logo will be printed on invoices, letterhead, website, business cards, large signs, etc. We’d like to be clear that we are a housing organization but the logo should also communicate the community services we provide. Basically, we don’t want the logo to look like it could belong to any real estate agency. You may use our abbreviation, BHC, but it is not a requirement. If you would like to include a house in the design, we would like it without a chimney.  Please provide a transparent background version in Vector, Jpg , and png. 

For more information about our organization: http://burbankhousingcorp.org/

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  • Is it like this #101
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    I'm uploading a couple of options with more muted, earthier colors. #44
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  • Small letters inside the logo are hard to see #42
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  • like this #39
  • Is it like this #38
  • Is it like this #37
  • Would like to see it in a more graphic presentation (business cards, letters, etc.) #29
  • Would like to see how this looks on a more graphic representation. (business cards, letters, etc.) #7
  • This logo looks too much like the City's Housing Authority logo. We included the logo in the brief #13
  • Can you change the colors here? Something less primary. #26
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  • your feedback is very important. #32
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    A second option for your consideration. Thank you. #27
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    I welcome your comments and feedback. Thank you. #26
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