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Project description

We are a design, build landscape company. We design, install, and maintain landscapes.   Plant material, walls, patios etc. Our current logo slightly resembles a blueprint to reflect our design build background.  I like the idea of the blueprint being involved, i just think it needs enhanced. 

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  • I appreciate your positive feedback. thanks. #1589
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  • to CH @Burleyaaron ... the concept is simple, clean and modern .... what is my idea accepted .... please feedback #1576
  • plz see my design sir #1574
  • Please give feed back Ive played with the idea of a blue print plan and the letter B for Burley #1567
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    leaf and blue print combo design, Thanks

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  • Think about landscape in architect or design, we will thinking about perspective. That is the important perceipt from people when they think about designing building. And brief description about designing logo of Burley Landscape Design said that they want represent with about resembles a blueprint to reflect their design build background.

    And, what I present in my logo design I created has some element that represent it, that is line element. But here, I created this element of two lines is the basic in architect design, that is the cordinat of X and Y.

    It's a simple logo, but strong in represent what of company need.

    Thank you #1542
  • how about this one? #1536
  • landscape design #1533
  • @Burleyaaron... please check this sketchy logo. thankyou #1530
  • Hi there,

    I'm from 99designs. I have decided to try my skills here. I hope you could give me feedback for this one so I'll know if I'm heading in the right direction. By the way, congrats! you have 1000+ designs to choose from but I if would to suggest you should shortlist your favorite design. I'm not likely to spam design for visibility so please let me know if you like it then I'll make another one.

    If you have time, you can check my portfolio here.


    My 99designs portfolio here. (I'm a top level designer here.)


    Thank you, #1529
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  • hope you like it. I appreciate your feedback. #1514
  • bld #1513
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  • Hope you like it and I hope that you give me a positive feedback. thanks #1511