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Winning design #143 by jennfeaster, Logo Design for Burrissimo Logo Contest
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designed by jennfeaster

Project description

Company is looking for three coordinating logo designs:\r\n \r\nBurrissimo Italian Grill\r\nGive Hunger The Boot\r\n \r\n1. Name of Restaurant alone (Burrissimo Italian Grill). Simple, clean design with a hint of an Italian flare, no heavy use of green and red. This logo would be on store fronts, signage and marketing marterials.\r\n \r\n2. Design for the tag- line alone (Give Hunger the Boot). One idea is to play off the shape of Italy as the boot.\r\n \r\n3. Design combining logo and tag - line\r\n

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  • Contest Holder, Thanks for holding this contest! Here is my first entry for your company logo. Don't hesitate to ask for changes. In the meantime, I'll begin working on alternate designs. Thanks again!
  • Hi CH, I use a pizza to include the Italian food in the idea, making a burrito with it. Also use a portion of the Italian country as melted cheese squirting from the burrito. Every thing you need Im at your service. Hope you like it, Thanks.
  • Dear Ikroth I have uploaded number #27 now with some fresh blue colors. Christopher K
  • And ofcourse added 'The italian Boot' That is the big concept ''Give Hunger The Boot''
  • Dear Ikroth. I have uploaded entry number #26 I tried to make it simple and elegant. And a added a little Italian flare, ofcouse no heavy use of Red and Green. Thats why i made the circle ''Teal green'' like a smooth color. And made it like a restaurant logo. Please tell me if i sould change anything from colors to fonts! Thank You! Christopher K
  • it's not allowed to use colored background unless requested by the contest holder. please read: https://www.designcontest.com/help/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/49/11/what-can-i-not-use-on-my-designs
  • Dear lkroth, #20 is yet another variation of #11 and #8. The restaurant name can stand alone as can the tagline. Thanks!
  • Straight forward, simple and classy - Wanted to iterate how well it looks in a simpler format, but eye opening at the same time. Thank you again. Dawn
  • I have for you #13, #9 and #14 coinciding with each other to bring about the one design in #13. Thank you for the opportunity. Dawn
  • Same for #11 -- demos all three aspects. Variation of #8. Thanks for feedback!
  • Dear lkroth, I've submitted #8 to demo all three required designs. (1) Burrissimo Italian Grill can stand alone without the boot & tagline, (2) the image of the boot with the tagline can stand alone (the boot could be resized for when the tagline is used by itself), and (3) the final result, #8, combines both restaurant name & tagline. Please let me know if you'd like to see different colors, fonts, etc. I'd be happy to try variations on the theme.
  • Dear lkroth, I've submitted #67 as a revision of #8 as requested. How is the font for "Italian Grill"? Do you prefer a serif (#67) or sans-serif (#8) font? Or do you want to see a font that's more handwritten as was used for the name and tagline? Thanks!
  • Hi, In my design I try to give a modern and sophisticated stile. I use Dark and Light Green, Dark Red and Grey. I include the idea of hunger with the bites in the boot. Also, please, check #57, It's a Step before #58; in witch I combine the letters and the boot, with cropped areas. The Spot in the second "i" it's like a reference to a Pizza, but not too evident. Hope you like those designs. Anything you need please feed back to me. Thanks...
  • Dear ch About #64, my first entries. Only use red and green for identity for Italian flag. Hope you like it. Thanks.
  • Put Burrissimo in black, more definted font for Italian Grill and the boot off to the right of the design
  • Hello Designers, Please incorporate tag line into design. Use a boot of Italy in the design Minimize use of red and green
  • Dear Contest Holder, you can also take a look on #80. Boot is made from name and tag line.
  • Dear Contest, holder please make revision of #79. Boot of Italy is stylized.
  • Can I see a version without the fork and spoon and a more modern stylized type boot
  • Simpler block font for Burrissimo and a simpler script font for give hunger the boot