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Winning design #122 by Norayr, Logo Design for Burtopia Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Norayr

Project description

Burtopia is, was, and ever shall be the spirit of love and light by which we imprint our life and legacy. It’s an experience, a spark we share, the ignition of aligning a perpetual breath of connection to all you out there.

Burt (my name) + Utopia = Burtopia

I'm a father of 4, husband of 1, business owner, teacher, coach, friend, brother, son and an ambassador of truth and light.  I run a business representing one of the strongest brand identities, but Burtopia is my brand.  It's the harmony between my walk in all these relationship roles. It's the alignment of my earthly and spiritual walks. 

I see elements of light, wings, strength, love and perserverance and ease. 

lead with the heart, fight with the spirit, love with the body. 

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  • I'd rather see the wings enclosed within the circle #155
    • @chris_brotherlife About #155, @ZealDesigns Hi Chris. The contest is expired and I cannot upload any more files. I will, however, make any changes that you required. Thank you very much.

  • Can you show me some more color options? #59
    • Hi CH, sorry for the late reply due to different timezones. I cannot submit more options for you because the contest has expired. :)

  • @chris_brotherlife
    Office sign - mockup
  • @chris_brotherlife
    T-shirt - mockup #196
  • @chris_brotherlife
    Hi !
    Please take a look at my last designs "BURST OF LIGHT" - series - #191 , #192 , #193 , #194 and #195
    Hope you like them !
    Thank you again ,. I loved working for this contest.
    Sincerely , Cezar , @ArtAct
  • Try this color set with the light burst lines instead of the stars. Please also show it to me with and without the roots with and without the Star border #141
    • @chris_brotherlife Please look at my updated versions (#175, #176, #177, #178). Thanks.

  • I don't like the wings. Can you bring the Burtopia into the triangle design. I'd like the triangle design to be the most prominent. I love the color play. I think I like it with two colors... not sure which colors. Can you give me some more to look at? #173
    • @chris_brotherlife I love to do that but do we have time for that?... I mean the time of your contest... If you can wait for 3 to 6 hours then I may able to provide you crazy and spiritual stuffs inside of triangle. :) Or If you really like my idea then announce me winner and I will provide you the revision as much as you want. :) What do you think brother?

  • I'd rather see the wings enclosed within the circle #155
  • I like the design. Change the human #163
  • I don't like the human figure in this design... I le the design overall. Try a different human shape #166
  • I like this better than 172 #170
  • I like this better than 172 #170
  • how about this ch? #167
  • @chris_brotherlife

    Revised #153
  • Really cool design. Love the blue triangle design! Keep playing! #99
    • @chris_brotherlife That Blue one is mock-up. Mock-up shows how your logo will appear in real world or I can say, You can see how will your logo look in various object before buying (such as your logo on Business card, Banner, Wall, Mug, T-shirt or any other object). Hope I'm clear enough... Still If you have anything to ask then please ask, shamelessly. I'll be glad to answer that. :)

  • if you want to change the color, you can tell me ,.. #147
    • @agungriyadi - Please, stop posting designs with a copied art.They are all removed. DC Moderator

  • I like the colors... I'm not sure which of these similar designs I like better #134
  • There are three females and three males in my family. I love the representation for my wife and daughters of female power #126