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Winning design #181 by Minimal_Instinc, Logo Design for Bushiroll Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Minimal_Instinc

Project description

Bushiroll is a fast-casual restaurant that makes made-to-order, large, hand-held sushi rolls (often called sushi burritos because the sushi roll is the size of a burrito).   Our sushi burritos are about 4 times larger the size of traditional sushi (so you can't eat them with chop sticks).   The name Bushiroll was derived as a hybrid of burrito & sushi roll.   Our target customers are educated business professionals, a demographic that often eats sushi.  We want the font and logo to appeal to business pro's, to look modern, sophisticated, sleek, stylish, and clean.   We'd like to see designs in both black & white and color.    

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  • check my design.. #201
  • please check my design.. #200
  • @jeff_carter, please check, thanks #197
  • a combination font with logo #196
  • a combination font with logo #194
  • a combination font with logo #193
  • please check my design.. #187
  • pls check my design logo.. #186
  • pls check my design. thank you #185
  • how about my design ? #184
  • hi, Okay, I've revised the curved lines you suggested, and I made three different compositions, so you can judge which composition suits you, basically everything is the same, only that distinguishes the empty space on the curved line. Thanks. #183
  • please check, thanks #172
  • please check, thanks #167
  • please check, thanks #166
  • please check, thanks #162
  • Will you change the tag line to "Burrito Sized Sushi"? #101, @Minimal_Instinc
  • hello CH @jeff_carter i make logo design sushi. If you can see. The shape of the inner sushi is like a fish abstract.

    thank you :) #147
  • How about my design #127
  • Please check #126
  • Please feedback :) #125