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Winning design #308 by moimeme, Logo Design for Business incubator THINK needs innovative logo/symbol! Contest
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designed by moimeme

Project description

We are looking for a logo - a symbol, that reflects innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity and growth - the atmosphere of THINK.
THINK is closely linked to the City of Helsingborg, Sweden, and the logo should accomodate this. Encompassing the city name, Helsingborg, in a set typeface (Helvetica Neue), into or next to the logo we are looking for must be a possibility. Please note - it is not necessary for the symbol/THINK to have the same typeface as Helsingborg!

Helsingborg’s graphical profile can be found here:
(in Swedish, but design terms are understandable).

Feel free to use any and all colors in the graphical profile, combined with a maximum of one other color of choice. See pages 54-57 in the manual.
Colors are:
Pantone 383C/583U
Pantone 605
Pantone 644
Pantone 5415
Pantone 7541
Pantone 7532C/475U
Pantone 485
Pantone Black
Pantone Cool gray 9, 6 and 2

It is also desired that the THINK logo somehow reflects its geographic context, e.g. the “feel” of Helsingborg.

So, what’s there to know about Helsingborg? Short facts: It’s a coastal city of 130 000 people in the southernmost part of Sweden (Scania), in the very expansive Öresund region close to Copenhagen in Denmark. Helsingborg is known and appreciated for its closeness to water (Öresund), its “do it yourself” entrepreneurial spirit and its history - spanning back across the centuries as an important harbor/toll town – again with the water! Helsingborg has been ruled by both Swedes and Danes, and the city still takes pride in its multinational heritage.

For a better feel of Helsingborg and its surroundings, visit:

Read full brief


  • Only one design allowed per entry.
  • You are onto somethin interesting here! How about some more color-play? (see updated brief for colors) - and remove the Helsingborg city emblem, it should not be included
  • Feel free to use another typeface on THINK, and please look at the color scheme (updated brief)
  • Liking the idea of a gradual transfer of colours, not liking the typeface - THINK and Helsingbrog does not have to be te same
  • Too messy and no feel of Helsingborg
  • This is too messy for our taste, we'd lika a cleaner logo
  • Interesting ideas! Please note - THINK does not have to be in Helvetica Neue - would prefer designs with other typefaces. Nor should the city emblem be in the logo.
  • Like where this is going - not too font of the font and the choice of symbols, but an interesting idea
  • Really like the shape of the lightbulb - could you play with that some more and let it be the focal point somehow?
  • This looks like a dark cloud of thought to me, not too fond of the red
  • Liking the more organic shapes of this one, the uplifted H was not to my taste, though. Thanks for giving it a try. Liking the colors, could the H stand out without being lifted somehow..?
  • Not quite the burst I was hoping for - how about exchanging that last bubble for something more like soft rays of light..?
  • Thanks for all the great work so far! It is true - there are a lot of colors to choose from in the Helsingborg design manual, but don't forget that you can also put one color of your own choice into the mix. It would be interesting to see some more play with organic shapes and fonts!
  • Finding myself wishing that the last bubble of thought would just "burst" into something creative!
  • Liking where this is headed, but wishing there was a little more meaning to the "thought" - what are you THINKing..?
  • You could be onto something interesting here! Thinking that the head-shape is a little to obvious, and not too fond of the choice of colors, feels a bit heavy.
  • Really liking this approach - but finding that the word THINK is somewhat lost in the shape - could the letters somehow stand out as much as the shape..?
  • How would it look if the letter H was the higlighted one?
  • Like the typeface of THINK, but not the symbol/light - could you replace it with womething else that reflects the innovative?
  • Interested int the idea of shifting/gradient letters, but not too sure about how the reflection would work