I was apprehensive initially about doing an online contest (never having done one before) and always working directly with designers; either in person or at least via email. The process was fairly easy - and you get a lot of response from the site. We are happy with the designer we chose and would work with him again. My one recommendation for the website overall- I wish they would add some more details to the FAQ section for businesses - just some bullet points about the process overall. It would be nice to have known upfront that I had 7 days after selecting the winning design to make tweaks and changes with the winning design/designer.

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Winning design #163 by benjokoren, Logo Design for BuyPassNow Contest
Gold Medal

designed by benjokoren

Project description

This project will be to design a logo for a brand new company. The business goal of the company will be to allow users of the application and website to “jump” or move ahead in a long-line situation. Whether at a night club, airline, museum, concert, theater, business setting, doctor office, or restaurant – any business owner who wants to deliver a “VIP” experience can offer a customer a BuyPassNow to their customers for a fee. Keep the logo simple - but modern. They need a logo for a website and mobile application. This logo is to be used across multiple business verticals - so it should be generic enough to appeal to a wide audience, but catchy enough to appeal to everyone. So we will need it for an app icon as well. So the possibility of shortening the name to 'BPN' shortened for BuyPassNow would be great as well. Also - they like the idea of the name BuyPassNow (clear or white) on a color background / or conversely in color on a clear or white background. (Think Eventbrite / Netflix as examples...but please no stealing....) Also - feel free to use images in your creativity...or not. We are open! The color palette is open. The client likes reds and is focused on red and white. Use a deep red color - not bright red. We prefer white on a red background. Another note - please feel free to add images into the mix of logos. We are open to a logo that is as simple as Text on a Background image; or something that is more playful. The theme of BuyPassNow is one that is of luxury and offering a VIP experience - but also one of fun and and will be offered worldwide. So keep that in the back of your mind. I hope this helpful. Again, please email with questions. Imagery we are focused on: an arrow / using an arrow going from left to right / we like the idea of using an arrow to break the plane to feel like it is coming from behind the line - think of a curved arrow. We need both a logo for the mobile application icon and a website logo. So please showcase the logo as a button with the image and name underneath the square and one with the BuyPassNow name underneath the icon.

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  • Your entry is a copy of entry #19
  • Hi amywilson, can you give some feedback for my design? thanks
    • |--|

      kwik {*wrote*}:
      Hi amywilson, can you give some feedback for my design? thanks
      |--| Hi Kwik, I will be reviewing designs on Monday and will be providing some feedback then. Thanks, Amy

  • Hello everyone! I hope to have some feedback to everyone today or tomorrow! We are doing some review today. Thanks for patience! -amy
  • Hi, I submitted an entry for you #69 . Please provide me any feedback you might have to improve my design to your desire and satisfactory! Best Regards and Happy New Year!
  • I like the revisions a lot. I will be talking with the team tomorrow AM; and get back to you. Happy New Year to you too! thanks. (And I think I like this font the best, but I don't know what everyone else will think). -amy
  • Hi Amy! Sorry for my late entry into the contest, I just submitted #63 and #64 for your review. I will come up with some other concepts as well. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do, thank you!
  • Hello again. Also - I think one of the things we really like about your design is the simplicity - but don't know how you feel about adding an image or something to the design (without taking away from the simplicity of it). Of course - will leave this up to you. If you want to try doing a modification of one with an arrow or ticket(as some of the other designs have) and just leave the design you have but just try a new font as we have suggested in our other feedback. Whatever you think...I just wanted to give you as much feedback as possible. Thanks again. - amy
    • First: Hello and happy new year! Here are my new entries #60 #61 #62 and #63 . I tried with different fonts and colors and also by reshaping the square and a version like the fandango with the wording under the logo. I didn't use the star but I can do some versions with it. I need your new feedback, thank you!

  • I have submitted #55 for review. This is how I interpreted your remarks, please let me know if #55 is closer to what your looking for or if I need to give it another shot, Thanks again!!
  • Yep, I'll work on it right now. I'll submit it soon. Thanks again for the quick feedback.
  • Hi Dennis - thanks for the updates to the logo. I like the logo of this one I think the best; and the colors too. Can you take the arrow from #51 and put it in this one? The only other thing I would change is maybe the "y" in the Buy - I think all the letters should be on one line - so it doesn't go below the other letters. Can you try that? Thanks. - amy
  • Thanks for you rating and positive feedback of #43! In response to your feedback I have submitted #50 #51 #52 and #53 . Wasn't 100% percent sure of what you meant when you said accentuate the "lines" of the arrow. Let me know if you see something you like or would like to change. I've got one more I will probably submit, Thanks again.
  • Hello! We really like your design and would like to ask to make some revisions to the logo. Can you accentuate the arrow lines and change the font to something similar to Fandango (think more Block like font)? Let me know if you need me to clarify anything. Thanks, amy
  • We like this design - but probably like #29 a bit more. While I like the angle of this; I see it being harder to read as an app icon...thoughts? Thanks, Amy
  • Hello. Again - we really like this desing - like how the B swoosh goes into the N and they like the color change. Again - they are just asking for some font changes - they like Block font (similar to Fandango)....maybe play with the color a bit- go lighter? or try a different color. This is probably really minor feedback. Again - realize it is a holiday - so end of week for any changes is fine. Thanks again. -amy
  • Hello! We like the designs you submitted - these two (#19 & 20) - this series; as well as the other (#29 & 30). The client really likes Block font - similar to that of Fandango. And would like to see some font changes in a second draft - if you would mind playing with that a bit. I realize it is a holiday - so the end of the week is fine. Thank you. amy (I'll give you other feedback on other designs)
  • Hello! We love the simplicity of the design. We were wondering if you could modify a few things in a revision? - try a different font? We really like the Fandango logo - could you try something similar? Also - we love the upper right circle tag in the corner - can you try using a square in a revision? I'm not sure weather we like the yellow or red better? Can you try an orange version? Or maybe a different color altogether - maybe blue? (just to try something different) Also - just out of curiosity - can you try the wording as BuyPassNow with the capitol letters and lower case? I realize it is a holiday - so the end of the week is fine. Thank you! - amy
  • Hello again! We also like this design - again wondering if you can try a different font on this one too. The client really likes the tag idea - can you also try a different color shade on this one? Thank you. (We realize it is a holiday - so there is no need to rush - by the end of the week is fine.) Thank you. -Amy
  • Hello! We like your design. I was wondering if you would be open to trying a different font. We really like the Fandango logo font (or similar) - so we would like to see the logo with an alternate font possibly? Thank you.
  • Hey Ben. So a few things. We discussed taking the name out of the image. We want to have the name separate from the image itself. And can you take the image and see what it would look like as an app icon too? They want to keep the name separate from the icon itself. If you look at Facebook and Twitter (as examples) on your phone - the name itself isn't used in the app icon, just an image is used to display the app icon. That's what we would like to do - just for the app icon. (not for the whole logo). So we really need two things: one logo revision with the name outside the image and one with the name inside the image; and one for the app icon with the logo image in a square (no name) - I don't know if you want to add 'BPN' for BuyPassNow or not? You may want to play with it a bit? Can we go back to the red color for this round? Again - thanks for all your effort. We may need to have a follow-up email/call for any additional tweaking. Would you be available for that? Let me know. Thanks, Amy
    • Ok, i am working on it right now. I hope I will send it to you in 15 minutes. Bye!

    • Hello! I was really in a rush to send you #93 #94 and I hope I understood all your suggestions right:) Tell me if you need some new modifications. Thank you!

  • Sorry just got your message, I definitely can make those adjustments quickly. I think after you pick your final design you can contact the designer and have them tweak the design to your liking. I cant submit anything because the contest is over but talk to the site admins and I'm sure they can help you finish out the contest in way that works for you. I'll go ahead and make the changes but I cant email you or anything, I think that's against the site rules. However, I'm sure the DesignContest staff will be more than willing to help you close this out.
    • Hi Dennis - the contest is back open - so feel free to revise when you can. No rush - but if you can over the next few days, that would be great. Thanks again for your efforts. -amy

    • I have submitted #95 with the requested changes. Feel free to let me know what you think or if you would like to see something else. Thanks