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Winning design #160 by pentool29, Logo Design for CadaTV Contest
Gold Medal

designed by pentool29

Project description

CadaTV provides Spanish language television shows, movies, and live events to audiences globally. CadaTV is looking for a new logo design that can give the impression of advanced technology, global reach, and vast selection of contents. The word "cada" means each and every. Deliverables include raster (Photoshop format) and vector (Adobe Illustrator format) files: - full-color logo for web and color printing - gray logo for grayscale printing - full-color favicon

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  • stolen design
  • If you could please provide feedback on #60, I would appreciate it so I could better design a logo to your liking. Thank you!
    • Thank you for your submission. I am not sure what impression you are trying to convey with your design. We are seeking a refined and elegant look.

    • Thank you for your feedback. What I was trying to go for on this logo was to convey Cada capturing everything with the graphic encapsulating the logotype of Cada since you mentioned how the word "cada" means each and every. Also with the graphic moving upward, it shows upward movement giving the impression of advancement, and a vast selection with the use of multiple colors/objects rather than one image. For example, each color can represent a certain topic or content, then when it comes together, it forms the CadaTV logo.

  • Thank you for rating my design. I made a little tweak here. #112 Feedback and direction is appreciated. I hope I am on track. Good luck. :-)
    • Yes, the new version is an improvement. I would probably remove the small circle with "TV" in it.

    • Here's the one without the TV and circle on the icon. #116 and I have here another version. #115. Hope you like it. Good luck.

  • HI ch i submit my entry #110 please feedback thanks
    • Thank you for your submission. The design is a bit short on the refinement exhibited by the rated entries.

  • Hi CH! I uploaded my first design, let me know what you think, it's #94 . Thank you
    • Thank you for your submission. We are seeking a refined and elegant look with subtle yet pronounced impressions, please take a look at the rated entries as examples.

  • Dear CH, I have created a logo for you #151. Your feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!
    • Thanks, it is a nice design.

    • Thanks for the feedback. I am glad you like it. Feel free to ask for any changes.

  • HI ch thanks for your feedback please tel me this #154 what u want thanks :)
    • It is a nice design and under consideration.

  • Hi, I just submitted #125 - Global-satellite-signal-representation is the direction I'm headed in. Any feedback/suggestions/requests would be much appreciated - Thank you
    • The concept is nice. Did you intend to make the colored rendition different from the monochrome ones?

    • Yes - I wanted to create a flat version for you since I'm not sure how much freedom I have with gray-scale. -- Currently refining my concept. Thank you for your comments --

  • I just submitted another design, my last available design to submit -- #146. Hope you like it and let me know your feedback and ratings, please!
  • Hello! I just submitted #126. I would love to hear your feedback or ratings! Hope you like the logo design....Thanks!
    • The design has potential; the color combination is bit loud.

    • Okay, great to hear that you think it has potential. Are there any color suggestions, you would like me to include in the design?

    • I don't want to restrict your creativity, but perhaps try a lighter background and a subtle color combination?

    • I just submitted another color combination, #143. Let me know your thoughts!

  • Hello CH, please check design #118 any feedback will be very helpful.
    • Thanks for your entry. The design feels a bit informal.

  • Hi CH, i just submitted entry#132, #133, #134 hope to feedback from you please. thanks
    • 132 is a unique design, I will note it.

  • Nice design! Is it possible to somehow integrate the "TV" into the word "Cada" or make "TV" bigger? Our official name is CadaTV.
    • Hi ch, Thanks for your lovely comments, have revised the Logo as per ur request #200, please review. thanks...

  • Thank you for a great design. Can you add a horizontal rendition for the colored version similar to the monochrome one?
    • Thanks for the rating, I'm glad you like it. I have submitted #168 with the horizontal version in color, and the stacked version monochrome. If you do decide to choose this design I will be more than happy to provide you with all of the necessary versions of the logo. Thanks again, Elliot

    • Thank you.

    • Not a problem. If there are any other changes or variations you'd like to see, don't hesitate to ask. Thanks, Elliot

  • Hi CH, #102 is my design. What do you think about it? Your feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • Thanks for a nice design. Can you make modifications to the antenna? It seems superfluous. Also, our content is delivered over the internet/WIFI.
    • hi hall, i just submitted an option #169. thank you for the rating & suggestion.

  • Hi CH, Please kindly check my entries #160 and #161... thank you so much! pentool29
    • 161 is interesting but can use a little more sophistication.

  • Thanks for a nice design. Can you make modifications on how the "V" is connected to the outline? It seems a little awkward.
  • Hi CH! Soon the end of the "race". Pls kindly check my entries #189. Thank you so much!
  • Good evening CH, I placed in some last minute logos. Hopefully to your liking. Thank you so much for your consideration and your review.