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Winning design #57 by Asiral, Logo Design for CaddieTime  Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Asiral

Project description

CaddieTime is a golf based business. Its goal is to provide a universal caddie service to all golf courses. I would like to see some reflection of golf in the logo. Like potentially one of the "i"s being a golf flag or something along those lines. 

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  • HELLO ,, please check and comment it ,,,

    thanks #61
  • About #57 Done! :) Please check it!
  • This is great. Honestly, going to be hard to beat this one. Just going to observe other entries while the competition is still but this is my favorite. Thank you very much #50
    • @tommykherkher So pleasure to see that you like my work, i tried my best, that you find what you want. Thank a lot! If need any improvement or variations just let me know! Regards.

    • @Asiral Hello there, by any chance could you put the phrase "Play Better. Live Healthier. Love Golf." under the logo. That is our companies slogan. Just wondering how it would work with the logo. I think it should just be simple, clear and easy to read. Thanks for all your help.

  • thank you very much for the feedback :) kindly check my revisions
    thanks:) #51
  • About #48, @Asiral The flag looks great! Could you try to work with the golf ball a little bit? I liked the effects you put on the last one. Maybe do a think black boarder and put in that pattern to give the circle the effect to make it look like a ball? I also liked the effect that made it look like the ball was traveling towards the flag. Thanks for all your help
    • @tommykherkher Im sorry, I don't think I was clear. The golfball would be white. The black is just there so it has definition. Thanks again

  • please check my logo proposal i hope you like it
    thank you:) #49
    • @karl2013 hi, i think this is a good design. Could you try changing the flag to a rectangle? I would like to see it like that. Thank you

  • About #39, @Asiral This is good. Could you change the golf ball to just black and white. Additionally could I see the flag as red? Because a green golf flag hardly ever occurs. Also for the "18" on the flag, could you get rid of the circle around it and just have the number?
  • About #39, @tommykherkher What do you think about this one? Thank you.
  • About #27, @Asiral this is very good. My favorite thus far. I would just say if you think of some subtle things to add to the logo in your free time add them. I was thinking maybe putting a small number "18" at the top right corner of the flag and in the middle of the flag a "CT" or something like that. Also maybe you could turn the dot on the "i" in time into a golfball with little marks making it look like it is going to the pin? I am not very artistic so I am not sure how it would look but worth a shot
    • About #27, @tommykherkher No problem! Post works some later, Thank you for rating and feedback, i'll try my best! Regards.

  • I've made some changes. If you have some other colors you would like to see, please suggest. Hope you will like this entry.. #34
  • I really like this design, can you give me some more variations of this. Could you maybe try having the golf flag in the shape of a rectangle rather than a triangle. It would be more accurate to golf. Im curious to see if how that would look. Thanks #23
    • About #23, @tommykherkher Thank you! No problem! Try my best ! Post soon as possible!

  • I am not so much interested in clubs but maybe incorporating a scene from a golf course? #21
  • I like this design. Is there anyway you could give me more variations of color and the logo at the top. I really like the golfball/putting green/clock thing its got going #13
  • Hello, I like where this design is going. Can you change the font on "Time", show lower case letters, "CaddieTme", and also give some diffrient color variations #3
    • About #3, @tommykherkher Thanks tomm for nice comments. Kindly check my new proposals, Thanks again.

  • thanks for your feedback..
    what about for this font?.. #7
  • I like where this design is going. Could you change the font. I am want bold/playful letters that are extremely easy to read #6