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Winning design #94 by nvshajan, Logo Design for Contest
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designed by nvshajan

Project description is a Website that ranks BBQ teams competing in California. Although IS a competition BBQ related website, we are NOT looking for a logo that is overly BBQ looking - not a chicken, cow, or hog centric logo, but you CAN incorporate chicken cow and/or hog in your designs. Not ribs, tongs, fire, or grills. Looking for slightly more *abstract* logo than the normal BBQ logo, and yet somehow relevant to bbq competition, points race, maybe somewhat California specific too. We realize this is a difficult assignment - all design ideas are appreciated - don't hold back. Please visit Website to see the simple elegance minimalist look. You have the freedom to chose primary color and complimentary colors in your design. The current logo color is not required. WANTS: - Simple, less-is-more elegance. - URL should be predominant feature of logo - Aspect ratio - please maintain banner weight/width ratio of current orange logo. - Design should easily reduces to monochrome for 1 color printing. - Abstract but BBQ relevant - not overly BBQ related DON'T WANTS: - Cartoonish - Overly BBQ related DELIVERABLES: - .eps, - .png (5 or 6) with transparent background - of varying sizes to be determined. - .png Monochrome with transparent background.

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  • Nice thanks.
  • Thank you for the three clear entry variants in one. Would it be possible to bold up the '.com'? Maybe even add a www to clarify this as a URL logo? It's very good at less-is-more, but could you elegance it up a little too? Good work, thanks
  • Very clean design. Could you make the '.com' more predominant so it's obviously a URL logo. If you could fit www in too with same boldness as '.com' I'd love to see what that looks like. Also, I like the simplistic - less-is-more look, but would it be possible to add some elegance without losing the less-is-more look?
  • #21 & #22 nice work thanks. I'd like to see a resubmit with gradient between the colors (#22 too). Also, could you please make the '.com' more bold and predominant so it's very clear that this is a website logo. Maybe fit a lower case www in there too somehow? One last thought - about the large blade shape making the Q - what if you made that look more like a big cemiter knife like this:
  • Hello CH, just submitted #17 and wanted to get your feedback on the design. Question: Are you looking for the name to be the logo design or are you looking for and logo to be by the name?
  • Interesting thanks. Could you please remove the color-in on the B Q, and then adjust the height of C to the same height as B Q (that might be too high for all three so adjust as you see fit) Then, I'm not sure about the colors. The red is ok, but I'm not so sure about the green against website charcoal grey and the red in the logo. Can you please submit with these changes? Thanks
    • Thanks for your feedback.I'll do the changes and I'll sent you as soon as possible.Best regards!

  • Hello CH... hope you can give my entry #9 your feedback.. thx n regards..
  • Ha ha - I like the clever idea, making the Q a chicken drumstick. Do you think you could shape the Q more like a chicken drumstick, rotate a little too so it doesn't quite "dangle" like that? How could you also include cow and hog without becoming cartoonish? Then maybe the .com could go on the end, vertical and bigger bolder? Also, the design would need to be a lot more refined and elegant when done.
  • Very unique thank you. The colors are a direct match to the charcoal. This wont give much contrast, do you think you could resubmit using either the orange from or some other color that compliments the charcoal color. Also please use more crisp, bold font. The '.com' will need to be more obvious too so people see it's a website url. If you have some other ideas for the graphic, or maybe no graphic?
  • I like both of these. I will probably not need the tag in the lower right. For #3, Please remove the dots on each side of the B and resubmit.
  • Interesting concept. But I'm not sure it's the right direction with the chef hat. I get the champion cup but not a not quite there. I like where you're going with the part of the logo, please observe the caps. Can you maybe design a mix of abstract and traditional BBQ - cow, hog, chicken, tongs, fire etc type logo? Thanks
  • Hello CH, just wanted to get your feedback on my entry #6 to see what you think. Thanks!
  • Hey, I've submitted #46, and i really do hope you like it. Please let me know:) -Victor
  • Hello CH, what do you think about entry #28? Is this going on the right direction? Thanks!
  • This is looking good thanks. It's very easy to see and read, it gets the message across and looks good. But it is a little plain too. What could put this design over the top? What would make it more elegant, or leave an unforgettable impression? Nice work thnaks
  • Good thanks. See how the drumstick kind of curves down? Could you reverse that so it slants down and then curves to the right? Also, I think there's room to make the .com bigger and bolder - could you make the .com the height of the capital letters? Thanks
  • Very simple, you've got some flame in there, that's nice, and the .com is very visible. The simple is there, but could use some elegance increase if you have some ideas for that, also could you cap the Q? Thanks
  • Interesting idea. If you added www to the left side it might gain some balance?
  • Nice, simple, maybe a little to simple, if you can bring the elegance level up please. Maybe reduce the space each side of the B just a little (not entirely). Can you make the '.com' more prominent so it's very clearly a URL logo. Maybe you can add in a www if it works and looks ok?
  • Not too fond of this design set, the color gradient.