California Artesian Water

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Winning design #59 by jaycobbb, Logo Design for California Artesian Water Contest
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designed by jaycobbb

Project description

I need a logo for bottled water label.  The bottled water will have one of the following names: California Artesian, Serene, or Naiya.  Since the water comes from a granite aquifer that pushes water up to the surface, I would like a logo that depicts water pushing up to the base of a mountain.  Since the water is from California I would like the sun behind the mountain.  If you want to modify my criteria with something more creative, please do so.  Evian Water has a great design (but terrible water).  You can look at their bottle for inspiration.

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  • Hi CH, please check my entry #82 .. hope you like it .. thank you .. :)
    • @FOCUZ Really, really nice. I would prefer a halo instead of the rays. Also, can you make the mountains dark blue? I really like the swipe under the mountain. That looks great.

    • @stewart_b_wells please check entry #128 .. thanks

  • hello sir i have new entry .. can you check and feedback for this entry ?? Thank you #127
  • sir, feed back please. thank you #110
  • thank you for rating you gave to me. About #86, @halimpu_art
  • Please let me know if you want me to change/modify anything like color/ext/font/gradient or anything.:) #76
    • @webmuse Your best one. I like the waves under the mountain. Can you make the sun bigger and with design twist to it?

  • Great mountains, nice big sun. I love the halo. However, the "california" font is a little too thick. I love the A & W you used
  • I love the sun. Can you bring the california down below the mountains?
  • Some feedback? #102
  • Hope you like it, please leave feedback #96
  • Feed back please. Thanks #83
  • Please let me know if you want me to change/modify anything like color/ext/font/gradient or anything.:) #77
  • ANYrevision ,, ? comment me please #70
  • Like this? #57
  • Please check my design sir.Thank you. #56
  • can you check and feedback for this entry ?? thank you #43
  • I love how the sun covers the entire mountain. Can you change the 'California' font so it is not so curvy? #32
    • About #32, @stewart_b_wells thank you for postive feedback sir.. i submit new entry with other font.. please check

  • Keeping everything the same can you enlarge the sun so it extends to the ends of the mountains? Thanks! #33
  • Keeping everything the same, can you do another design where the sun covers the entire mountain, similar to #32?
  • The halo around the sun looks great! Also, the line below the mountain is fantastic #38
  • Really nice. Can you change the shape of the mountain to make them more defined? #18
    • thank you for your feedback , in the form of a mountain how to be more defined by you , please let me know so that I can give a good design for you , thanks

    • @kabisat Sure, can you separate the mountains so it doesn't look like they blend together? That way they would be more defined and bolder. Thank you very much!