California Micro Pigmentation

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Winning design #51 by DesignArea, Logo Design for California Micro Pigmentation Contest
Gold Medal

designed by DesignArea

Project description

California Micro Pigmentation is a physician owned and supervised scalp tattooing practice. They use a medical grade tattoo solution to fill in thin areas on the scalp caused by hair loss. By creating tiny dots of tattoo the same color as the surrounding hair the persons hair will appear thicker. This is similar to permanent makeup for eyebrows. They also train personnel from other medical hair restoration practices on the technique.

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  • Please feedback my design :) #144
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  • I made this wish myself a choice and elected thanks :) #118
  • @la1
    This is another version of my last logo design concept.
    Hopefully it is inspiring. #109
  • Hello @la1 ,
    Your feedback is very important #108
  • @la1
    this represents the logo on different backgrounds and colours combinations , inspired from the brief's colour palette.
    The font has also a glimpse on what your organisation is about.
    I welcome any changes if you want any just let me know.
    Thank you. #107
  • Hello @la1
    This is how your logo will be in office.
    Timeless, memorable, releavant yet strong logo.
    For any changes please let me know.
    Thank you. #106
  • I hope you like it #105
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  • @la1 , please check my designs #41 #42 . Hope you like it. Thanks, Anna
  • revision #28 (Micro Pigmentation combined letter "i") thnks #34
  • revision #28 (Micro Pigmentation combined letter "i") thnks #33
  • revision #28 (Micro Pigmentation combined letter "i") thnks #32
  • la1
    We'd like to see a gradient pattern vs a chemical design. Also look a little like alien eyes. :-) #3