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Winning design #227 by zeta, Logo Design for Cambridge Fitness & Nutrition Contest
Gold Medal

designed by zeta

Project description

Hi there designers!

Im a sole trader.  Ive just registered the above business, which isnt operating yet and I need a logo, a brand. 
The business is based in the fluent, cosmopolitan and University City of Cambridge UK. The business will mainly serve the people there.
The business will offer a service whereby I (and in time hopefully others) work with people to improve their diet and nutrition, and also exercise. A holistic approach to health for the client and their family. 
I need a modern design.  Not cluttered but clean.  A design that has the feeling of "Health", about it. I will use the design on all business stationary, web site etc.  It will be my brand.
Colour wise, I was thinking maybe blues, with dashes of red.  Maybe even green.  Not pastels but bright. Modern-ish, but not gimmicky fonts. 
Ive an open mind about images. The company will be part Gym/Fitness Work and part Nutrition Advice (I am a personal trainer and will soon be a qualified Nutritional Therapist) , so any images should reflect the two areas. Its quite a long name, so I know this may be a challenge for you.
If you need any further guidance, please email me on
Im very much looking forward to seeing your work.
Good Luck.
Ray Spooner

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  • at last someone listened :) #170
    • @ray2 Thanks for the feedback. After reading your previous comments, I wanted to take a different approach. Please feel free to ask for any changes, if required. Regards EcoDesigns

    • @ray2, Best of luck with your business!

  • hi contest holder i have uploaded new design with man i hope you will like my this entry thanks
    kind regards
    babar786 #223
  • Sir,
    Is it okay.?

  • Sir,
    Please check.

  • Hi afhaam... not as good as the others!! #217
  • Sir,
    Please check out.

  • Sir,
    Sure, I will do it. Please wait.

  • well mr, .... I will do now. thanks ....
  • i really like the little logo...can you work on the words. only 1 hour to go!! #202
    • Sir,

      Thank you for your valuable feedback. Yes, surely I will. if you have something in your mind so please let me know.

      Thank you,

  • hi ray2, new concept posted entry #183 #184 thanks
  • Hi ray2, posted new version of my entry #171 hope to hear feedback please. thanks
    THANKS #182
  • About #179, @nikedesigns I HOPE YOU LIKE THIS ONE. AND I DID NOT YOUR COMMENT EARLIER PLZ ........
  • yes yes, they are all fantastic designs...but did you not read my earlier comments. they are the same as the others!!!!! we wanted a different desing, not just the inage, but writing too, not just straight lines. im going mad here! #178
  • Hello Sir,
    Can you please give me feedback for the design, or maybe stars, so i will know how to improve it before the end of the contest?
    Thanks! #165
  • hi ray2, i just posted my entry #161 #163 #166 #167 hope to hear feedback from you please. thanks
  • Daniel i like your design, but to be honest its the same as all the others. we wanted a fresh approach, not just words in a line... thank you #148
    • @ray2 hi dear ch..thank you for the comments...ill try to think another one

  • hi designer, very nice but it is really a copy of the other designers. we were looking for a different type of logo. not the text in a line like you have done, thank you. #156
    • About #156, @ray2 it is all my original design, no copycat from another source, thank you

  • it is all my original design, no copycat from another source, thank you #159