Camp Silverback

Excellent designer. He worked diligently to modify his original submission and was very receptive to my request. He has great communication and response time. I would highly recommend him!

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Winning design #8 by dark_knight, Logo Design for Camp Silverback Contest
Gold Medal

designed by dark_knight

Project description

Camp Silverback - a fitness facility where athletes with various training styles can come and train and be coached.

We would like to see a creative Logo that has an aggressive looking Silverback gorilla at the center with the company name incorporated in it. Preferably an emblem of the gorilla with the name around it. If you think of something else please submit it, i trust artist creativity.  

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  • How about having the letters straight across not curved down? #50
  • Font revision.....thanks :) #50

  • Hi please can you give me a feedback ? Thanks

    #42, @artgian
    • @artgian Overall its not a bad piece of art but i am specifically looking for a gorilla

    • @danmolina19 Ok I have put now a new design with Gorilla.

  • About #10, @dark_knight Are you going to submit one with different lettering? The "camp silverback" with different font style?
  • jyui #45
  • Hello dear CH, in this design I put a brutal man. I put it to do something different from what you asked for it, but I liked the idea.
    Thank you #41
    • Hi please can you give me a feedback ? Thanks About #41, @artgian

  • What about it?? #40
  • I'm Upload new design with new character and new colour is diferent with other #38
  • This gorilla is much better than the new one. The letter style can improve #24
    • About #24, @danmolina19 oket i will work on this one

  • Hi please have a look of this design, i modify the design, i need you feedback #33
  • I'd like to see a more basic letter style please. I may be ending the contest today FYI #12
  • I may be ending the contest today and choosing a winner so please submit your final/best entrees.
  • Hi please have a look of this design, i fix the forearm issue #30
    • @Jadugar perhaps the gorilla having a six pack might be better??

  • Re upload my desain .. chang font n gorila ...please feedback #29
  • Re upload my desain ..please feedback #28
  • Can you change the the style of the lettering in "camp silverback"? There is something about it that i don't like #12
  • Hi please have a look of this modify version also can you please guaranteed this project ? #22
  • Hi please have a look of this design and share some feedback #26
    • @Jadugar I like this, seems like it is missing a little bit of the forearm on the left side

  • i want to feedback if you like this #25
  • I'm not sold on the style of the letters, not a bad gorilla though. #24