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Project description

 Hi Everyone.

Thanks for looking at our logo. we are looking for a logo that will emphasis: "overland",  "great outdoors", "Adventure Travel", "Canada"

Name: Canadian Overland Tours

we are a out door 4x4 tour company offering 5-7 day trips through beautiful British Colombia.

Descriptive words:

-overland (think dirt roads travelled by 4wd vehicles through beautiful remote areas)

-great outdoors (majestic mountains, calm lakes, fresh air, streams teaming with fish, wildlife and mother nature)

-adventure travel (its a challenge, your exploring, endless activities, horseback, hiking, wilderness interaction...)

-Canada (a great frontier of un tamed wilderness, full of beautiful breath taking scenery, calling the explorer)


-more on the simple side

-International clientele, emphasis on Canada and the outdoors necessary

-color: red - white - army beige - black open to ideas (please no red and green combs)

If you choose to put a vehicle in the logo:

-Toyota Landcruiser 80 series is what the tours will be using. Pictures attached below of the vehicle.

-Please Please No jeeps, were trying to sell the trips as quality landcruiser 80s,  so having a jeep on the logo is a no no!



Side notes:

- be able to transfer to a sewn patch or screen printed onto t-shirts, as an asset. 

-something that can be made into a patch and made into screen printing easily

-park ranger badges are cool, 

any ideas are good, we like a more natural looking maple leaf rather than a typical clan cut maple leaf.

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  • my logo idea #218
  • Color looks good. Could you keep the Center with the maple leafs and remove everything else? Putting the text at the bottom of the logo? #213
  • Dear CH, it's my original and unique design concept, hope you like it... please provide your feedback, Thanks! #214
    • @limonchy were looking for a more unique logo which can be placed in different types of scenery. Not only mountains

  • Can you add another red line above the black one to make three lines? #106
  • Check, please #212
  • Check, please #211
  • Check, please #210
  • Check, please #208
  • Here's another option. Check, please. #207
  • Please remove pavement road lines and make it look like a dirt road. Thanks! #203
    • Ok

    • Sent two options #205, #206

  • Here is the second option. Here changes in the road itself. Check please #206
  • Check please #205
  • like the idea! could you make the mountain a little more prominent, add a road at the base and change the red to an oxblood red? #154
    • Of course, soon post an edited version

    • I changed the mountain, added the road and changed the color to "oxblood red". Check, please. If you want to change something else, write to me. #203

  • I changed the mountain, added the road and changed the color to "oxblood red". Check, please. If you want to change something else, write to me. #203
  • can we see this logo in a dark red? oxblood red? #159
  • could we see a logo with out any letters and band? just the maple leaf and the mountains. with a red in oxblood? #144
  • could you remove the circle around the mountains with the letters in it? the put the company name on the bottom right of the mountains? #171
  • great font, and mountains. could you remove the horizontal lines? And try the red in "oxblood red" #167
  • Hi, Here is the my new version of the logo shown on visiting card. The half circle around the hills is representing the C of for Canadian and then there are mountains, road and a bird. Let me know what you think? #192
  • can you change the green to a grey colour, we don't what red and green together #57
    • @darmaduke repair, please check #176 #160 #155