Candy, Sweets and Treats

I really enjoyed being able to set up all the parameters to my contest, being able to give timely feedback to the designers and receiving ideas from different people all over the world. It was great experience, and I would use it again and recommend to everyone. Thanks!

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Project description

This is for a retail location selling novelty candies, baked sweets and and unique treats (specialty sodas, novelty ice creams). I am looking for retro colors that are fun and eye catching. This logo will be used for a website, business cards and store sign. I have put suggested colors on here, but I am also open to other ideas.

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  • Please find the updates as #182
  • I hope you like this, i put some time in this one! #181
  • Please give Your feedback, it is so precious to me. Thanks!! #178
  • Please give Your feedback, it is so precious to me. Thanks!! #176
  • Hope you like it! Feedback would be great thank you so much! #179
  • playful and classic logo #172
  • No problem - i've made those changes for you. It turns out those colors were actually the same, they just looked a bit lighter against the red background however, I went ahead and made them darker though -- if they are too dark then let me know and I can lighten them back up again. Thanks! #168
  • This looks great. Can you make the shadow behind Candy, Sweets and Treats black, like #117? Also, can you make the border and "Novelty Store" a darker brown, like #117? Can you also increase the font size of Novelty Store? #161
  • No problem! Please let me know if you'd like to see any other changes. Best, Quelita #161
  • @leannelatham, I have created one more design for your consideration #151 & #152. Thanks!
  • About #117, @quelita Can you let me see #117 with the font style from #118, and also change the "established in 2015" to "novelty store"?
  • I made heart with lollipops and put old-style banner strip... #140
  • please check this design!!give feedback and guide further for any changes!! @leannelatham #139
  • About #124,
    Hope this is closer to your idea. If you want changes let me know :)
  • Hope you like it #125
  • A more playful version. #122
  • I changed the font to a more legible and sophisticated one. I also changed the colour scheme. #121
  • Hi, if these are near to what you were searching, tell me if you like some other colors and styles. #118
  • I like the suckers. Can you change the color scheme? I personally do not like pink. Also, can you change the font to a more readable, old fashioned style? Thank you. #77
    • Yes! Sure! On my way ^^ About #77, @leannelatham

  • Please let me know if you'd like to see any other changes! Thanks. #117