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Winning design #176 by jww, Logo Design for Canyons West Guide Service LLC Contest
Gold Medal

designed by jww

Project description

Looking for a new logo & stamp.  Guaranteed Winner Contest.

Canyons West Guide Service
Registered Master Guide 
1) Mountain Lions
2) Elk, Deer, Sheep, Mountain Goats, Antelope

Logo should incorporate mountain lions and should also suggest other game animals.  Potentially a rock outcropping or canyon or some natural element(s).

All 4 words in name can be emphasized or with Canyons West as primary and Guide Service as Secondary.

Wide open to look, feel, colors as we are looking for a total new look.

Please provide logo in an .eps file format for contest winner.

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  • hi Keyla, can we see this with ONLY the cat and "Canyons West" in color? #174
    • About #174, @Barrier

      About #182 & #183,
      try a different font


  • I am open to do any kind of modification. Kindly do give me feed back on it. thanks #186
  • jww
    Hi, Thank you for looking through my designs, If you have any amendments you would like to see made, please do get in touch, Many thanks JWW #175
  • About #170, @keyla LOVE that cat picture (best one of all of your logos). Can you do this on the other (not round) logo? Make it just off center right?
  • Hi Barrier! I made a new design, hope you like it, if you need any changes let me know please. Sincerely Christina. Thank you!
  • hopefully according with what you expect #159
  • hopefully according with what you expect #158
  • feedback please #147
  • can you leave comment please #146
  • hopefully you according to what you expect.

    best regards #136
  • hopefully you according to what you expect.

    best regards #135
  • new color #128
  • new revision
    feedback please,,,
    thanks hehe :) #127
  • Twins_art. The antlers look too much like grass and the lion is still an african lion versus an american mountain lion (cougar) #41
  • Really great looking logo, but it just looks like it should be for clothing or a car or some consumer good. #113
  • new idea
    feedback please,,, #119
  • new revisi
    if any revision i will fix as soon as a possible,,,
    thanks #118
  • The following is my design revisions, for "skull" elk and deer I think they are so similar that it makes no difference

    best regards #108
  • Great logo doink. Can you add in an elk skull silhouette on 1 side & a deer skull silhouette on the other (as if they are laying on the ground in order to bring in the other animals we guide for? #43
  • Hi twins_art. Really like your logo. Can you try putting a paw print instead of the sun. Something like and also trade out the lion, as that lion looks more like an african lion than a cougar. #41