Overall a great experience. We had numerous designers submit their ideas for our review. In the end we would up with a great logo for a reasonable price. We couldn't ask for more.

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Winning design #22 by protein, Logo Design for Capaxion Contest
Gold Medal

designed by protein

Project description

We are starting a new company and need a logo designed. The company will provide data-center services to businesses. Some of our offerings will include disaster recovery, backups, virtual desktop infrastructure, virtual servers, etc. The name Capaxion is a combination of 2 words. "Capax" is Latin for "Capable". "ion" means "action" or "process". So we are trying to portray a sense of stability, capability, safety, and security for the client and their data.

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  • Would it be possible to remove the little blue squares from the corner of the lock? Also, can we close the lock. Leaving it open makes our service seem not-secure. A closed lock might work better here. Thanks!!
    • HI CH, Thank you so much for the comments, I have upload the revised artwork @ #12. Thanks much again.

    • Looks much better. I'll have my partners look at it. Thank you.

    • Hello Ch, Thanks for the compliments. I look forward for any changes you want. Thanks much again..

  • CH, Can you please give me some feedback from my entry #8 thanks
  • #4 , Can you please give me some feedback on this entry! Thanks! - Alex
    • Alex, The colors seem a little bright/light. I was hoping for a darker blue. Also, not sure about the key. It seems out of place - like it doesn't fit in the logo. I understand what you were trying to do by placing it in there, but I don't think a yellow key fits here. Thanks!!

  • Not really liking the red. Also not the biggest fan of the generic desktop in the middle.
    • Thank you for your feedback. Here is a second draft for your viewing.

    • #14 looks very nice. Could you just fix the spelling of our name please? Also, can you make the internal part with the 1's and 0's all blue (remove the black color on the right section)?

  • I like the colors and the lock in the middle. But it took me a couple of minutes to figure out that it was a C that was partially obscured, and not just some weird shape. I do like the way "Capaxion" looks - the font and the 2 colors. I just think the logo above needs some work.
    • I submitted another entry, and I worked to clear up the visual of the 'C' in the logo, hope this is better and/or right. Please let me know if there is anything else I should work on. Thanks.

  • seems a little busy with the 2 arrows floating around it. It might look better without them.
  • Not really the direction we were going for. Colors are not really right, and the theme is not modern as we asked for in the brief. Thanks for the effort though.
  • Hello, look forward to your feedback for draft #10. I only have a limited allowance of 5 revisions, so your opinion at this stage is important. Thank you.
  • Folks, I see a lot of different tag-lines being list in the designs. Many of them have little to do with our services/products. If you want to put a tag-line in your design, please make it "Security Recovery Stability". Many of the others that have been posted just don't apply to us. Thank you.
    • Thanks for clearing that up! I will have updated version soon.

  • Not really what we are looking for. Seems a bit like a cartoon, and not classy/modern as we had hoped. Thanks anyway though.
  • I would like to use the shield in the lower left corner (the one with an all white background and blue border). Please make it so that there is no line running through the middle of the shield as there is now. Also, I think that the 0's and 1's should be removed from the lock. They might prove hard to print especially on smaller things like envelopes and such. So please just remove them and leave the lock as a solid grey color. Thank you.
    • No problem, I'll have updated version posted soon. Thanks for the feedback.

  • Can you make the grey portion inside the shield all the same color? Right now there is some shading that separates the left and right half. I think this will prove hard to print, especially on smaller things like envelopes. Also, please remove the shadow under the shield. I don't think it is necessary here. Thank you!!
  • The caption should be "Security Recovery Stability". Please revise it and also try to spread it out along the entire length of the larger word Capaxion. I think it would look better if the caption was the same length as the word Capaxion. Thank you.
  • Hi contest Holder, Please check my entry #35 with your required color options. if you need any changes i can redo and up load them, thank you very much
  • Hi contest Holder, Please check my entry #34 with your required color options. if you need any changes i can redo and up load them, thank you very much
  • Hello, please recieve my last draft (I am limited to 5 entries). Thank you
  • Can you please remove the grey arc at the top? Instead of a cloud, we would like to make it more of an "infinity" sign. Removing the grey arc on top should be enough to make that happen. Thank you.
  • Can you please center the icon across the top of the word Capaxion? Right now it looks like it's off to the left a little bit. Also please change the slogan to "Security Recovery Stability". Thank you.
  • Dear Contest Holder, May I have your feedback and or opinion so that I may improve and or fix my design, my design is #42. Regards, ccsmoon
  • Hello, We have chosen your design as the winner. I just need you to remove the grey arc at the top of the logo so that instead of a cloud, it looks more like an infinity sign. Removing the grey arc at the top should be enough to make that happen. After that, we'll just need color, and perhaps black/white source files if you have them. That's it. Thank you very much for your design!!