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Winning design #86 by mustafa5252, Logo Design for Capital Solution Source Contest
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designed by mustafa5252

Project description

We sell testing services - clinical, Urine toxicology, and DNA to Drug Treatment facilities, Pain management doctors, and any other doctor needing our services

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  • Hello CH! About #10, #11, #12, #13, #14. Here are some more shades of the designs you have appreciated. Feedbacks are always welcome. Thank You! Regards, Mustafa
  • Hello CH! Thank you for appreciating my designs. I will submit my design soon as per your specification. Regards, Mustafa
  • Mustafa 52 - this one is also very nice. I have to say all 3 designs you submitted are in professional and present very well.
  • I like the colors but I am looking for something more professional looking. I like the design so far number #7 that was submitted.
  • I like this entry! Can you change up the colors
  • Hello CH! About #21... a new design, making a shape of lab-jar with the initials 'C' and 'S'. Feedbacks are always welcome. Thank You Regards, Mustafa
    • Mustafa52 - you are on fire with your designs. I am going to meet with my partner and discuss but you designs are in great taste. I extend the contest one more week so we can meet and discuss. Thank you for your work it looks good.

    • Hello CH! Thank you so much for your appreciations. I am glad to be associated with you. Regards, Mustafa

    • |--|

      mustafa5252 {*wrote*}:
      Hello CH! About #21... a new design, making a shape of lab-jar with the initials 'C' and 'S'. Feedbacks are always welcome. Thank You Regards, Mustafa
      |--| Mustafa5252 I believe that my partner and I are set on design #40 - Please offer it in a few different color selections. I would alos like you to think about that because our name is so long we were thinking of change the web address to something smaller that just uses CSS - Thank you for your submissions.F

    • Hello CH! Thank you for your valuable feedback. I am working on design #40 with different colors and surely comeup with modifications soon. Regards, Mustafa

  • Hello CH! About #19 and #20. I've submitted a new design in two different shades. Feedbacks are always welcome. Regards, Mustafa
  • hallo... CH... Please check my entri # 17, Any feedback will be helpful. Thanks
  • Hello CH, here is my first entry #29, what do you think of the design? Thanks!
  • Dear Ch, please check #26, #27 and #28(initials with DNA).let me know if you need any changes. Thanks in Advance
  • Hi CH! let me know what you think about #46 :) Something you want to change just tell me!
  • Hello CH, submitted #55 adding more depth to the logo and making the name alittle bit more luxuries. What do you think? Thanks!
  • Hello CH, What do you think about entry #65? Would like to hear some feedback. Thanks!
  • Like this one - can you do it in Silver and Metallic blue - we like this one for sure
    • Hello CH! Ofcourse ! I am working on it and uploading soon... Thank you Regards, Mustafa

    • Hello ! About #83... I've uploaded this one in Silver and M.Blue as per your choice. Hope you like it! Regards, Mustafa

    • Mustafa can you add a 3rd color into 83 - in the design

    • Hello CH! About #86... As per your requirement I've added a 3rd color in the design. Hope you like it! Regards, Mustafa

    • Mustafa - I hit the wrong design - I wanted 83 - know what?

    • I hit 86 but I wanted 83 - can you send me the source files to 83? I ended the contest and you are the winner. Loved your work my man! If you need to communicate with me directly my email is

  • hi, i've submitted #88 and #89, please check initial letters, + sign and proportional value. pls. leave comment if anything else can be done to improve it better. thanks.