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Winning design #78 by Stripe, Logo Design for Car Repair & Service Directory Web 2.0 Logo Contest
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designed by Stripe

Project description

Create a Web 2.0 logo for ==What is garagedirekt?== 1)Garage direkt is a car service "directory" where Garages (Car Service & Repairshops) can make a profile page for their car garages (repair stores). 2)Customers are able to post a repair or servce they need for their cars. After that a garage /repair shop can submit a bid / an offer / quote. The user knows now how much this repair would cost in the garages arround him. 3) This makes it easy for a customer to find out where they will get the cheapest repair or service for his car. ==Design== Create a modern Web 2.0 logo Use the following text for the logo: Garagedirekt or GarageDirekt or The meaning of Garagedirekt is garage-direct or repairshop-direct - what means, that you can contact a car repair shop direct over the web and ask for a repair price quote. The Logo should not look like a car sales website and not like an engineering or very technical site - it must be simple! Colors to use could be: blue, orange, grey, white - feel free to use other colors. == Colors == I like the colors of the following website ==I like the following websites== ==i like the following images==

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  • thank you for your post, it's a good idea with the speedometer, could you try to work with the colors green orange and blue?
  • Thank you for your entry. I like your idea, but could you write the full text: including a G.
    • ohi

      About #2 Hi, What do you think about #2 :) ? ohi

    • Thanks - i realy like it. Would be great if you would also participate that job:

    • ohi

      I'm doing it right now. Can you admit some points for the logo? I do not know if something changed, or something to add, etc.

    • hi, thanks - i like the appearing of the font - maybe you could make a version with the tool from the first entry and the full text from your second entry? Maybe you could also try to bring in a garage icon or a car mecanican ( or a wheel or steering wheel icon: what i also like is this macanican girl:

    • hi - me again, maybe you could also try to take 2 colors, orange and green for the text? would it also look good if you make the text a little bit bolder like the my hammer logo ? But it must not be that bold. Thank YOU!

  • Hi, thank you for your entry.
  • Dear CH, I have just submitted #25 for your review...thank you. DM
  • Hi, Thank you for rating my designs #12 and #13. If you have any comments or suggestions, please let me know. Thanks, Dana
  • hi stripe thanks for you logo entry #30 - could you make a version without the cursor ? thanks a lot
    • Hi Paaaaede, Cursor removed as requested (#77/#78). Thanks.

  • your entry is using a logo that is found here
  • Your entry is too much like another designers idea/concept, the tire concept/idea is already used
  • Hi CH, I have uploaded my Logo design. Kindly look at my entry #58, #59 and give me your feedback on the design. Your feedback will be helpful to improve the design. Kind Regards,
  • hi #55 give please feedback. what to be pleasant what not to be pleasant?