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Winning design #131 by sancita, Logo Design for Caribbean Power Partners, LLC Contest
Gold Medal

designed by sancita

Project description

Island power development and renewable energy. Goal is to provide cost savings and increased reliability for these caribbean nations.

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  • Looks good. I like the geography that you showed in the previous design. Also, the other design (pin wheel look) with the green and blue, perhaps submit that again only with the colors changed to the ones like on this design. Thanks
  • All of the text on one line is preferable. Additionally, we are looking for a logo more geared toward power generation, in general; not necessarily wind generation (or solar) I like the overall look of the design though, thus far. Thanks
  • Looking better. Can you add a serif style font that gives more of a traditional look? Thanks
  • I like the way the text looks here. On the globe, maybe tighten up the design a bit so it is a bit cleaner aesthetically. Looking good so far.
  • Looks great! Could you submit this design along with the colors of the other logo (the globe with the bolts). Basically substitute the green for a gunmetal color and adjust the blue accordingly to what you think is a good combo. Thanks
  • I like the original one a bit better (#7); both the text and the upper design. The darker blues look a bit more attractive as well. Thanks
  • Try maybe a lightening bolt rather than solar and wind energy and all of the text on one line. Thanks.
  • Try maybe a lightening bolt rather than solar and wind energy and all of the text on one line. Thanks.
  • Looks great. Can you place all the text on one line in black. I like the design.
  • Looks alright. We would like to focus more so on the power generation aspect over the renewable or 'green' aspect. Thanks.
  • Looks good. Maybe play around with the colors a bit with; add some black...Also, if possible try to make the entire text so that it is on one line. The top logo looks good. It fits well with our goal. Thanks.
  • Looks good. If possible try to place the entire text on one line. Thanks.
  • Less focus on the 'green' side of the business and more on the power generation approach. We want the logo to have a traditional/classy look.
  • I like the approach. Please steer more away from the "green" aspect and focus on the power generation. Possibly modify this design to a more modern/classy style.
  • Good, but needs some revision in regards to the focus on the "green" energy feel. More so focus on the generation of power aspect. A more classic approach.
  • About #44 Dear elliotely thanks for your feedback. I undestand what you say my ideia is a "c" a "p" in a power button, but i will make changes. Best regards
  • Can you give this one the same light spot that is on the previous design? Thanks
  • I like the overall look of the design but it resembles a 'Q' a bit too much.
  • Looks great! Thanks for the updates.
  • I really like this design. We are looking to incorporate the entire piece of text (Caribbean Power Partners, LLC) Other than that change, maybe play around with some colors in the logo you think would be appropriate and convey a professional, classic feel. Thanks.