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Winning design #1 by KateTimmons, Logo Design for Carmen's Australian Kitchen Contest
Gold Medal

designed by KateTimmons

Project description

Our Dutch company is going to sell, oils, balsamic, herbs, cookies, tea etc imported out of Australia. We are also going to give workshops (example on how to BBQ). We were thinking about having a logo with a campfire or a simple symbol that reflects food or preparing food/kitchen.

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  • Good afternoon! My design (entry #1) stems from Aboriginal symbol for a campfire. I wanted to go with a design that is true to the continent. My color choices of orange and brown help to relay the "fire" message. Thank you for your consideration. Kate Timmons
  • Spotted my mistake, sorry about that. amended it with #18...
  • Dear CH, Would you please be able to give me feedback on #17 to see if im going in the right direction etc Hope you like the use of negative space created by the fork for the "M" Thanks J22TYR
  • Hi CH, Submitted #26. Please let me know what you think and, if you have a different idea, let me know what it is and we can work from there. Cheers, Andrei
  • We like the theme, but we miss something, like a different color or size?
  • Dear Jera We like the font, but don't think that the knive and fork are the right thing. Kind Regards, Carmen
  • We like this for a restaurant,but we don't think that it's right for our distributor business (oils, herbs, tea, jam cookies etc)
  • Dear Kate The image is in the right direction, but we don't like the font or the way the words are written. Kind Regards, Carmen
  • Dear Yas, We like the image, but aren't sure the colors fit the logo. Kind Regards, Carmen
  • It's just I am down with 70 infraction points right now. A couple of infractions more and I'm out... This place have been my home, & it's my bread & butter right now... Could you just lift the infraction? I won't contest this issue anymore...pls. Jctoledo
  • I intergrated the "C" on the frying pan on Carmens while her entry is just a pan with script text. It's not that too similar except I use a pan, which symbolizes kitchen preparation. Like other designers did with the fire...
  • Hi VickyB What did I copied from her entry? The frying pan? I cannot use a frying pan on my logo?
  • Elements are too similar to another designer's
  • Hi, Carmen! With regards to #7, I tried changing the orientation of the skillet and making "Australian Kitchen" less prominent on #89. I also tried a different color on #90. I know you'd like to see a different color or size ... do you have a favorite color scheme? Is there an element on #7 that you would like to see sized differently? Thanks for the feedback!
  • Dear CH, Can you tell me what do you think about my two logos ? Or something to fix. #29 - #52
  • I have updated my original design (#1), and gone with a cleaner typeface in entry #101. The Aboriginal element has remained the inspiration of the design. I also included an option to use it as a monogram symbol and in black and white. Thank you for your consideration, Kate
  • Dear Kate, Can you please add another circle and change the black C to the same color as the circles? Many Thanks Carmen
  • you are not allowed to advertise or use watermarks on contest entries, the entry only is allowed
  • Hi coortwijn, i made revise on m entry #115, hope your selection is not yet finish :) #121 #122 #123, thank you sir. hope you like it.
  • Hi Kate, Can you please advise if it's possible to add another circle and change the coler of the C to the circle coler? Kind Regards, Carmen