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I reviewed over 1200 submissions and YAD's stood out in the crowd. Designer did a great job understanding the concept, developing a design and delivering the final files. I will work YAD again.


$700 paid

1130 custom designs

291pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #649 by YAD, Logo Design for Carnivore Media Contest
Gold Medal

designed by YAD

Project description

Carnivore Media is a content development company specializing in the outdoor marketplace. We produce premium branded stills and video content for hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreation focused manufacturers. The project is part one of a two part project. This phase is intended to establish the logo. The logo should be simple, clean, strong and perhaps a bit aggressive with emphasis on the word Carnivore. We are an aggressive, no bull$hit, team of media slayers who help build brands with teeth. Logo must convey confidence. We are the antithesis of the shrinking lower case web logo with fine print and delicate dispositions. Eat or be eaten. 

Winning design will be considered for our corporate logo and will need to be reversioned to include vector versions for use on all backgrounds.

The "play" symbol has been a popular theme in early submissions. I'm not going to rule it out but consider thinking outside that box. We are more than video production and while it's a convenient element I'd prefer to see something else used for a design element.

UPDATE: If you are submitting a logo with shadowing, dramatic lighting, gradients or artistic backgrounds please be sure to also include a version without these elements. 

UPDATE: No blood please

UPDATE: There have been some great submissions. There have also been a LOT of submissions so I have to respond in bulk. Some of you have requested more direction which is difficult to do for nearly 300 entries. The competition is still wide open and I've ranked designs are just the ones i like best based on what was submitted. So here is some bullet point direction for everyone:
Avoid Blood
Avoid "play" symbols
Avoid scary logos
Avoid marine life like sharks and fish
Avoid any specific predator or carnivore, instead use common elements
Avoid generic icons that could apply to any business
Do not feel married to the color red. 
The ranked designs only show promise, be original and try not to copy other designs.
I am eliminating designs that don't speak to the the brand, the quality or design elements i've requested. 

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