The experience was great I would definently use DesignContest again. My only issue was the site navigation. It was sometimes hard to find where I needed to go. Sonce this was my first time using Design COntest I probably will have an easier time next time.

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Winning design #218 by jacondsign, Logo Design for Contest
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designed by jacondsign

Project description

I would like to create a district logo to represent our school district. Our existing logo contains our state capital building dome, our mountain range, and a series of graduates to represent the different levels of graduation. We are not stuck on these items but I wanted to reference them in this description. The current logo does not work well for social media profile account pictures and other web related profile pictures. If possible, we would like a logo that will work well for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and our district web site. Our organization name is "Carson City School District". I added pictures of our mountain range and our capital building dome for reference.


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  • I have a meeting tomorrow to discuss the logo contest results. I will have more information after the meeting.
  • I am working with our School Superintendent to identify which logo he likes. We will need to present this to our School Board on September 26th. I should have an answer at that point and we can move forward. Thank you for your patience.
  • @rmedeiros , Hello CH please be careful of other designer's who copy my hexagon shape of the logo. Thank you so much!
  • The logo will need to be supplied in an AI file format. Also, a TIFF and PNG format. The AI format is needed to scale the logo as needed. The TIFF is needed for lossless compression and the PNG format are needed to make it convenient to upload the logo to our website and social media accounts. THank you!
    • We will also need a reversed color version in the above-mentioned file formats so it can be printed on white and dark color paper as needed. Thank you!

  • I would also need a reversed color version so it can be printed on white and dark color paper. Thanks! #224
  • Is there a way to change the steep look of the mountains and make them more like the image of the mountains that I added to the brief? If you look at our original logo attached in the brief you will get an idea of how they look. #224
  • Can you make the dome the silver color or white color? The organization would like a dome that is close to actual color so either white or silver. Thanks #224
  • revision #21 add graduation people icon in letter "O"...thnks #221
  • revision #21 add graduation people icon...thnks #220
  • revision #21 add graduation people icon...thnks #219
  • please check my entry and give me feedback.
    Thanks #213
  • please give me feedback.
    Thanks #212
  • Is there an option to arch the words "Carson City"? Just trying out some different ideas. Thanks! #207
  • About #205, @jacondsign Can I see a reversed negative of this. I am not sure if that is the correct term but what we are looking for is a way to print this on blue paper and on white paper. Thanks!
  • The capital building seems to be floating. Can it be dropped back down like your other submission. #194
  • Not the style we are looking for. The logo will need to fit a social media profile picture #196
  • Not what we are looking for. Not sure what the background image is. Hard to tell if it is mountains or a globe. #202
  • Not really what we are looking for. Missing student element, also. #201
  • The color is not accurate #200
  • The capital done is accurate and the spelling of district is incorrect. #199