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Winning design #243 by irfadesign, Logo Design for Cart & Kiosk Specialists Contest
Gold Medal

designed by irfadesign

Project description

I want a logo for my business that will displayed on my website, biz cards, my truck (white pickup), and work shirts. I would like it to be fairly classic as this is essentially a construction business that builds espresso carts and food/beverage kiosks for everyone from entrepreneurs to major corporations. There are really two sides of the business. The carts, which are smaller, mobile carts for condiments, display, storage, or for espresso service. Andthe kiosks, which are larger, typically not very mobile, if at all, and more elaborate. These can be in building common areas, malls, or outdoors and generally include both food and beverage. They may even be used for retail display. 

Our company was the pioneer in the Seattle coffee cart scene and is viewed as the industry leader. 
I want the logo to be clean, somewhat minimalist, with the company name and perhaps incorporating some small renderings of a coffee mug and something that pertains to food/beverage service. Those are not necessary, just ideas. Highlighting the CKS initials is currently the logo, it just needs upgrading. 

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  • I still like this the best. Can you show it on various backgrounds (paper, etc.)? #316
    • @ericlambright sure why not but here contest expired i cant submit design :)

    • @ericlambright i have new updated for my designs,, here contest expired..

    • @GreenPeace you want to see my updates just contact me,,

  • I like your creativity but I really need it in English. Thanks #311
    • @ericlambright thank you for feedback ! I use the translate for the brief sorry :)

  • I don't care for this one. Thanks though. #326
  • hope you like it #314
  • hope you like it #312
  • how about this one,, hope you like #298
  • About #290, @GreenPeace Hello contest holder

    Thank you for rating my design :)

    I am sure u could realize that I am trying my best to bring my design more closer to your likeness and expectation..

    I am sure you realize that i am here to be your best designer for this contest and would not leave any stone unturned to achieve that.

    Let me know frankly

    1) Does my design come up to your expectation?

    2) am i in the race to winning this contest ?

    kindly reply me please
  • About #290, @GreenPeace any changes of this design,,
  • Thanks. I like this one. #290
  • I hope you like this, thank you. #293
  • CH,, this is your request i hope you like this,, #290
  • This is too busy. Thanks though #288
  • I dont care for this. thanks though #289
  • Thanks. I still like 264 better #287
  • Please place the letters in CKS slightly closer together and make 4 dots in corners look like screws (put a white line though them). Thanks #264
  • Please make the CKS box slightly smaller and the word "specialists" a bit larger #276
  • kindly check this one,, hope you like CH #284
  • Can you make this square? Thanks #245
    • About #245, @ericlambright Sure. Now you can see my entry #281. Hope you like it.
      Thank you for your feedback.

  • Zeq
    The slight changes you told me to do, it really is good. :) #276
  • Thank you for your feedback. now I try to give a new twist. I hope you like it. thanks #266