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Winning design #56 by indreamo, Logo Design for Castlé Jandré Contest
Gold Medal

designed by indreamo

Project description

I would like to have a logo created as an anniversary present for my husband.

We jokingly call our house 'Castlé Jandré'. It's a very corny play on the bad French that we sometimes speak to each other, also mashing our names together (Janet and Andrew). The logo would be the sort of thing that we could put in a photo album, or at the top of a menu-board in our kitchen.

If we were to have a 'brand' there are a couple of themes to run with:
 - we're into the outdoors, especially mountains and lakes. We also do a few different sports - mainly running but also cycling, swimming, rock climbing, and triathlon. 
 - we're both cognitive neuroscientists (i.e. into the brain).  
 - we really love travel

I think it would be too busy to incorporate all of those themes into one logo, but it gives an idea of what you could run with.

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  • Please give feedback. Thank you. #101
  • The Idea of the design is to make it lively as well as warm. Please give feedback as well. Thank you. #100
  • Hello @baby_jacket ,
    Please check this minimal yet strong logo with a style using gestalt; something you might know. #98
  • @baby_jacket - no contour , different font #95
  • @baby_jacket #93
  • @baby_jacket
    Cleaner design
  • please check #89 and #90, I've included some of the elements you mentioned in the brief. thanks.
  • Hello contest holder @baby_jacket , any feedback for entries #66 , #67 , #68 #69 ?
  • Please , @baby_jacket , let me know your feedback for entries #54 , #57 , #58 , #59 , #66 , #67 , #68 and #69 .
    I enjoyed working for this designs and your contest...sorry I did not submited some improved designs faster - it took me a while to work the design :)
    Please feel free to ask for any improvement if you feel so.
    Thank you again
  • @baby_jacket
    No contur...font,castle and silhuette - blue
    ....I think is the best 'till now... #69
  • @baby_jacket
    third font + blue castle #68
  • @baby_jacket
    second font #67
  • @baby_jacket
    first font #66
  • Hello! Thanks for the feedback. I made some variants of fonts, I hope you like it. If you need other changes, please let me know. With best wishes, Christina. #63
  • @baby_jacket
    Please take a look at entries #54 , #57 , #58 , #59
    Thank you took a while to find and create a better balance
  • @baby_jacket #58
  • @baby_jacket #57
  • @baby_jacket #54
  • @baby_jacket
    Thank you! Sure, give me a couple of minutes :) #51
  • I like this better with the people in the boat - thanks! Can you do a couple of versions with different fonts? One more block type font, and one with more cursive type font? #42