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Winning design #149 by Nix86, Logo Design for Castle rock Contest
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designed by Nix86

Project description

Logo for a residential development. This is an upscale housing development that is in an area that has wooded lots with steep walk out features that overlook a valley with woods.  There really are no "rock" features in the subdivision meaning it is not a rocky terrain.  my  current logo uses a font that is similar to the one on white castle hamburgers and i like the idea of this type of font that accentuates the royal aspect and the logo includes a crown although this is not necessary.  It was just a quick fix for a logo.  The subdivision is located in st. John, indiana and is like a border town for indiana and illinois.  St john has won many awards for being a safe and desirable place for families and the residents of the town also have the highest average income in the state.  This subdivision has larger estate size lots where competing subdivisions in the town are smaller lots with less frontage and mostly flat features. There is wildlife, deer, squirrels and birds including cardinals and blue jays.  A combination of rustic and modern is a good way to describe what i would like.

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  • A different concept. Hope you like it. #138

  • this latest logo has been adjusted to the format rules in designcontest. #136
  • Going over the brief, it appeared to me that pine woods would be appropriate for the proposed logo. I traced a tree and copied and pasted them one over the other to give a look of woods. To draw the grandeur of kings' palaces, castles and forts I used the font to match them. Colour of the font is like their stallion colour. I poised the text logo in a way that it's in the middle of the woods as residential house would be.
    The presentation is raw. There are plenty of avenues for improvement. In the event the proposal is under consideration, I'd deliver it to your satisfaction.
    Best regards,
  • Going over the brief I thought, pine woods on steeps may draw a flovour to what is being asked. To get that I put the name in a way it's in the woods. But I didn't put the trees on a steep. The logo name font is my creation. The bottom one isn't. My font may reflect the grandeur of kings.
    It's simply a draft. Plenty of avenues are open for improvement and refinements.
    In case my draft is under your consideration, I'll deliver the logo to your satisfaction.
    Best regards
    Muhammad Mahbubul Huq #133
  • the difference with the previous image is on the outline of the circle together with the castle / castle image. #111
  • Hope you like it, and please give me your feedback about my design, maybe to change colour or font or etc. thanks :) #106

  • as a beginner this is my first logo in design contest, hopefully acceptable. #99
  • Hi CH, I hope you like this. Please give your feedback. Thanks :)

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    Imam R. #95
  • Hi CH, I hope you like this. Please give your feedback. Thanks :)

    Bes Regards,
    Imam R. #94
  • In the logo the crown resembles a maple leaf. Here we can see the connection between landscape representation and greatness. #88
  • Please let me know if you want any changes. Thank you. #80
  • colors can be changed #71
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