Catchy/Fresh logo for wanted for startup True Artist™ Brand Clothing co.

We are pleased with our new logo! has created something substantial, really worth coming back to again and again! It's great getting to work with so many artist across the world and seeing so much talent all in one place. It really is a win-win situation--and those are the Best kind!

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Winning design #116 by Freefall, Logo Design for Catchy/Fresh logo for wanted for startup True Artist™ Brand Clothing co. Contest
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designed by Freefall

Project description

*UPDATE/PLEASE READ(1.8.12): For Inspiration when you design- We like the look of the "Lucky Brand" & Juicy Couture logo(s)- links included in the body of the brief below; the classic feel of the True Religion logo- (feel free to google this one); and the artsy-vibe of Ed Hardy/Christian Audigier... Think more-so along the lines of "fashion, artist, rock-star, sexy" rather than "corporate design firm" if that makes sense. Hope this helps! Thank you again for your entries : )

We are needing a logo/brand design that really Pops!... something eye-catching, fresh & creative that will look great on t-shirts & more.
Not 100% sure of what will work best, but--
We want something that lots of artists/creative types of varying backgrounds would be PROUD to wear. It can have a hipster, maybe even slightly urban feel perhaps (?) Just do your thing.

--Please design: "True Artist™" to be the main focus of the logo, but "Brand Clothing Co." can be included as secondary info. Also you may notice that the 'U' in "True" and the 'S' in "Artist" is kind of a subliminal message of sorts (spelling "us") if designed a certain way. (You can play with that idea only if you think it works with your design.

a few keywords- pop culture, city, entertainment, fashion, music, artsy, quality, talented, professional, ego, celebrity

We like:
**Cool looking fonts
**Unisex appeal (something that works either way)
**The look of some of the Lucky Brand logos
------->>(See LINKS-Copy/Paste in search bar:;
Juicy Couture logo: (
**The idea of the design being an interesting-looking Emblem/Badge (really official looking)
**We've also been toying with the idea of a zebra (as a sort of mascot/icon). Not married to this idea yet though...

In essence, we do want True Artist™ to work as an emblem/crest, but (if possible) for the words to ALSO look great with the emblem-part removed.

Thank you!!

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