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Project description

Cavallivapore is a webzine that speaks of engines: cars, motorcycles, the latest things on the market but also historical ones and fairs .
Cavallivapore is the unit of measurement of engine power: horse power in English.

We want to represent the passionate side of the motors

We would love to have a logo composed of a symbol + lettering (cavallivapore) .

The important thing is that there should NOT be the " horse" as an animal :) nor steam :)

In the logo, consider the possibility of using an engine component

NOTE: the design of the site will change and we are not tied to the colors we are using currently.

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  • Hi! Could you please realize a version with the lettering "Cavalli Vapore" outside the gear? #110
    • About #110, @Ribes yes sure i can make all the recommended changes
      thank you

  • Hi Axel, thank you. Could you try to insert letters C V inside the circle (where there is C now)?


    Pm #97
    • About #97, @Ribes Hello, yes i can make thoses modifications but the contest time elapsed so i can continue to work on it if you add extra time to contest or if you declare me as winner, then i'll be able to post other variations on finalization step.

  • Dear Contest Holder, Request for a feedback or rating for design no. #93 #94 and #95
  • 04 #112
  • 03 #110
  • 02 #109
  • 01 #107
  • Please review my design and give me your feedback. Thanks! #104
  • @Ribes, exemple of a mag cover ( do not consider photograph and informative content ) #98
  • @Ribes , here is a version with a accentuated lines of the "V" with more chrome reflections. #97
  • Hello @Ribes , here is a "no C" version #96
  • Hi Great Job!, Could you please try to do a version without "C" and another one with "C" and with a more visible "V"?
    Grazie #73
    • About #73, @Ribes , I have just upload new version according your advice.

  • Hi, i think this design has already done in this contest: hope you withdraw this design to avoid some designers to report it. :) #46
  • Hi. Please, check my design =) #90
  • Cavalli Vapore #87
  • Cavalli Vapore #86
  • Cavalli Vapore #85
  • Cavalli Vapore #84
  • Hello. Please, check my design =) #80
  • Colours can be added to your choice. #79