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It was a great experience! I ended up with a logo that I'm very happy with! :)

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Winning design #52 by JonG303, Logo Design for caveman shree, MD Contest
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CONTEST TO BE UNBLINDED ON FEBRUARY 28! I am a physician (MD) that intends to start my blog on April 1st, dealing with the Paleolithic/Primal Lifestyle - with a focus on the the 'default' diet of our ancestors before the agricultural revolution (> 10000 years ago) and its health benefits! I will also be addressing other issues such as exercise, sleep, and social interactions. This is the best way to get lean and stay healthy for life! At launch (April 1st), the blog will be hosted at (some background information can be picked up from another related site: On the site, it will read: caveman shree, MD - Modern Primal Living I'd like the logo to center around: caveman shree, MD I'd like to see designs with and without the following slogan: Modern Primal Living At the end of this contest, the following are what I will be looking for: 1> Logo with slogan 2> Logo without slogan 3> Slogan without logo 4> creative image to be utilized for icon purposes (favicon & blavatar): - - The logo should be able to fit appropriately into the standardized square boxes used by facebook, G+, Twitter, and other sites. Thanks, shree

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  • I really, really like the caveman image. However, the overall look seems like the logo to a museum entry on the lifestyle than one that I can use to identify my blog (and other online presence [eg., facebook, g+, etc]). I'd really LOVE to see more ideas from you, cause this is wonderful - just a bit too sophisticated. :) Perhaps colors? Too elegant for the concept I'm coming in on........ BUT GREAT DESIGN! Hope I can see more from you! :)
    • thank you for the liking... Well, you seems don't like the typeface i've been chosen, do you? 'bout the image, i'll try to find out how to make it easy to remember and so do the colors..

    • yes, it's TOO sophisticated, but this definitely GRABBED my attention! I really liked the image! But too sophisticated. I could use this for my practice someday, but not for this blog. Needs slightly more fun... also, the fonts did affect the overall outlook, I think.

    • Here's my later proposal #39.. hope you like it. any comments and feedback are highly welcome..

  • well, I wasn't thinking something like this, actually. I need a real banner. BUT!, if you wanna' through a real quick quote in, try this: “The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will instruct in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease” -Thomas Edison By facebook banners, it would be something like: but various ideas tailored to my specific idea. I would need the logo to fit into the image properly. Get what I mean?
  • This is very professional finish. Are there anymore ideas that you can scope out? I'd love to see more of your ideas! Also, how does this graphic look without the slogan? Do you think that banners for facebook, g+, and the blog that are centered around this logo can be made?
    • |--|

      shreemulay wrote:
      This is very professional finish. Are there anymore ideas that you can scope out? I'd love to see more of your ideas! Also, how does this graphic look without the slogan? Do you think that banners for facebook, g+, and the blog that are centered around this logo can be made?
      |--| Thank you for your feedback! The rest of my ideas are pretty cartoony; I'm not sure if you'd be interested in a logo going that direction. I'll revisit the brief and see if I can come up with more ideas. I'm sorry, I'm a little confused. You're interested in ad banners for your blog that will be placed on Facebook, g+ and other blogs? I think vertical banners would be a challenge, because the logo is ridiculously horizontal, but if I win the contest, I'd definitely be open to the challenge.

    • I mean, the horizontal page banner (not the ad banner)... I'm very interested in the cartoony ones as well! Some of the others I've been looking at (from other designers) are more cartoony. The page banners would be more real life kinds like those found at The blog theme and colors will be decided after the logos and banners have been picked....

    • Ah, I understand now. Sorry about the confusion. I typically refer to page banners as "mastheads" and ad banners as "banners". My apologies. I'm not a website designer by any means, but #25 is an example of how #22 could work as a blog banner in a modern site design.

  • Thanks for your comments, have updated it and now you are looking fit!! lol. I enjoyed doing this, but it looks like the beginnings of a comic strip! #20 I wanted to share it with you though because it made me smile the whole way through drawing it. I will try to come up with something a bit more logoish for you too. Cheers, Liz : )
    • It definitely brought a smile to my face! It's a very good design, but not the exact fit for the type of blog I'm making. It's SLIGHTLY too cartoonish. But, I like the character idea and want to go with something like this, but looking for the right fit.

  • nice - still in the running, but not a likely pick. Perhaps another idea altogether, eh?
  • I like the cartoon caveman, but this guy is just a little off. He's not "primal" enough. I like the fish, meat, and great leafy vegetables. Can a spear fit in?
  • Great to have around as a backup - the logo without slogan. Would be useful on pages which have the slogan elsewhere.
  • best one yet! Really cool!
  • a little too simplistic.
  • Can you try the color scheme from #8?
  • I don't think I like the dot, mate... Also, the character doesn't appear to fit anymore. :(
  • i don't understand - why the period, rown?
    • it's nothing important, i've just thought that original is a little distracting, and its a part of a man

  • how about with a lower case c and lower case s?
  • Interesting. It is still a tie with the former image. I would really have to sit and look at the two to pick precisely which one I like. Perhaps the size of the man is what is throwing everything off? The capital C, S appear to work for this design, as well.
    • Thanks, all things in this design are centered so it just look right to use capitals, I will try to do something with that and upload soon.

    • can you try a more smoother font, perhaps? Something a little more sans serif, eh.....

  • This is really cool! I love the cartoon! Anyway you could make the caveman more fit rather than plump? Also, this diet is about getting away from grains, corns, beans (wheat). It's about better quality meats, nuts, berries, green leafy vegetables, and fish. Also, social dynamics, good sleep, and lots of play and movement is part of the caveman lifestyle. anyways you could round this up into another round?
  • wonderful design, but the graphic is too big.
  • nice, but a little too spartan...
  • This is the BEST! Now, how would it look with some color?
  • I like the breakdown of the test in terms of the casing of letters. I like the color from the last scheme, however.
  • I like this color scheme - but don't care much for the all capitals.