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Winning design #64 by jacondsign, Logo Design for Cazzler Contest
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designed by jacondsign

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I need a logo for my twitch stream. You can see my profile here. ( I feel like a clean logo would be nice but wouldn't mind also seeing some "gaming" influenced design. Streamers seem to have a identity for their viewers. Like itsPeanuut has the Peanut Gallery. I am playing with the idea of having mine as the Cazzler Creeps.  The attached picture is of a dog that I have drawn since I was in middle school and would like to incorporate it as my mascot. A flatter version for sure but its just to give you a starting point. Please don't just copy or trace the dog picture, I would ultimately like it to be as clean as the other picture i have provided.

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  • I like it a lot! Unless you have more ideas i have to decide tomorrow so i am going to sleep on all these ideas to pick in the morning. #49
    • Thank you for the comments and critiques. I really do appreciate them all. I will see if I can brainstorm anything else and if I can come up with anything different I will post them tonight. I must say that it has been a pleasure working on these designs with you. Your input has been very helpful and you have been the most active contest holder I have encountered on here. Whether you chose a design of mine or not, I do wish you the best of success with your twitch channel and your future endeavors. I hope that 2017 is a great year for you.About #49, @brdworrell1

  • Man, I like both versions. It sucks I have to make a decision tonight. Unless you have other ideas i am going to sleep on it tonight. #57
  • Hello CH,.Here's the result, please check,. just let me know if you have some request,. Thanks!:) #56 #57
  • About #52, @jacondsign honestly dont know if I can give any feedback. This is really good and i really like it. The only thing that I feel might give it the little extra is seeing if you could incorporate something in gaming like a controller or headset. If you dont like that idea maybe have his hands on top of the typeface to give the appearance that he is peering of the name. Like in entry 38
    • About #53, @brdworrell1 THank you so much for your feedback. I will do your request. Thanks again.

  • About #44, @senadneslan_juventus Your work is really good! You're making this really hard on me in a good way for sure. I like that you added the gaming element and i love the typeface. There is just something about the dog that isnt clicking with me. I would look at the other front runner's dog design to maybe help.
    • About #44, @brdworrell1 thank you for feedback, but I will withdraw my designs. I wish you all the best. Thx

  • Hello, Thank you for allowing me to participate in this contest, this is my logo design, may be used as a comparison with the other participants.. #55
    • About #55, @looppoes Thank you so much for your time an effort. I like your take on the dog and really like that you incorporated headphones into the logo. Unfortunately i am looking for a cleaner version. Thank you!

  • Here is the grey dog with his smile. I used the type that I think you said that you preferred from my other submissions. Is this working for you as far as the placement and handling of the typography? #49
  • About #30, @johnmichaeldesigns Not really a fan of any of these typefaces
  • Thank you for your time and entry. Unfortunately some of the other designs are on the cleaner side that i am liking a bit more. cheers. #45
  • About #44, @senadneslan_juventus Also thank you so much for your time an effort it really is appreciated. Your work is good and i feel like a kid in a candy store with all these entrees you have.
  • I have always imagined him with a longer face kind of like Goofy but with out the long snout. #44
  • Not a fan of the ripple/wrinkle coming down his face. #44
  • Border here isnt something i am looking for. #41
  • I like the block type typeface but dont really like the placement. #43
  • I am trying to come up with some awesome, eye catching combomarks, for you to think about. #42
  • About #33, @johnmichaeldesigns I just added a new picture on the typeface i was thinking in the brief. Hopefully that will give you a better idea of what i was thinking.
    • @brdworrell1 Thank you. I will work on adjusting this design after work today.

  • Really like the typeface here but feel like the dog in #15 is more of the look I was hoping for. Really good work though, thank you so much for your time! #34
  • here are some typography options. You can figure out what colors you would like the design. I just chose the green for visual comparison. Are any of these fonts closer to what you are envisioning? #30
  • please rate , thanks :) #26
  • I adjusted the design to give this guy a smile. Also I went ahead and did several colors so you have an idea of what different colors might look like in this design. I am not sure what look you are wanting as far as the typography goes but if you have some examples in mind that you really do like let me know and I will adjust this design more to your liking. Once again, any feedback or suggestions you might have would be tremendous. Thanks. #23