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Winning design #243 by barkside, Logo Design for Celebrity Website & Social Media Management Company needs a Hip, Cool Logo design Contest
Gold Medal

Project description

We will utilize this logo not only digitally, but for print, screenprint, embroidery, etc. so it must be vectored and we will need the illustrator files for future edits/renditions of the logo.

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  • Hello, here is my first entry. Stylised LOL symbol with a common symbol seen on social media sites all over the world. Cheers Phil
  • Dear CH, My first submissions are #19 and #20. Both designs are similar, yet different, to allow you to decide which you like best, without having to submit multiple copies. I did one glossy and one flat, one green, and one orange to show different directions this design can take. If you would like to see a different color, or change, feel free to let me know! Thanks
  • Hey CH, I uploaded #10 and #11. The little "lol"s inside of the larger "LOL" are eye-catching. The overall simplicity and the "social media group" reflection give the logo the sleek, modern look you will want when dealing with the hip online community. I can also change the color schemes to something more lively very easily. I just wanted you to see the concept before I started tweaking the color scheme. Any feedback is VERY appreciated. Thanks!
  • Dear CH about #2# I try made it simple but elegant
  • one design in an entry, no mockups.
  • here is this post a more detailed face await your comments thanks
  • My first submission, #110 #111 My design can be set in a variety of colors to match your branding on both black or white backgrounds. I hope you like the originality.
  • about #112 here is a new face that can be applied to other designs if you prefer certain colors or shape.
  • #106 #107 #108 Made the changes. Thnaks for the comments
  • SMG is hard to read
  • Hello, take a look at #104 Simple smiling face logotype made from "LOL" letters with strong impact on white and black background. I'm open to any changes, waiting for your comments...
  • Can you make LOL larger, SMG just big enough you can write Social Media Group underneath it?
  • Red feels too bold. Still not sure I love the layout of the elements together, exactly.
  • I want it to feel cool/hip/fun - brighter blue? your thoughts on other color options?
  • Something just does't feel "wow" but unfortunately I can't think of any suggestions, specifically...
  • How about in Blue?
  • can I see it with eyes on the smiley, and with SMG?
  • I would like to see this with the SMG
  • This happy face/star idea has potential, but the happy face doesn't look as professional
  • I don't like this face, it doesn't feel as professional