Centennial Children's Dental Center

Our experience was great...the designers were very quick at revising the logo when asked, and the winner of our project created EXACTLY what we were looking for! I would definitely recommend Design Contest again, especially Eco Design! Thank you and we look forward to using our new logo!

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Winning design #46 by EcoDesigns, Logo Design for Centennial Children's Dental Center Contest
Gold Medal

designed by EcoDesigns

Project description

I would like a new logo designed for my dental practice...I would like a train with both the engine and caboose car, and then the train cars in between be in the shape of cute letters "CCDC" (Centennial Children's Dental Center). Another idea is to have the smoke from the train be in the shape of the letters "CCDC". It is a pediatric office, so I would like the train design to be kid friendly and fun! Underneath the train I would like it to say Centennial Children's Dental Center. Our current office is all primary colors so I would like for the train to consist of those colors as well.

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  • Hi Brianne, here's my draft proposal: #3. Graphic elements, color combinations and layout variations can be explored at your request, so I'm ready for your feedback.
  • Love how bubbly this looks and colorful...can we take out the pink and light blue and use red and yellow or purple? Can you make the engine car bigger?
    • i have sent #18 please feedback and i hope you interest, thank you

    • i have sent #19 please feedback and i hope you interest, thank you

    • alternative for #20, please feedback and i hope you interest, thank you

  • Super fun...really like it! Can you make the smoke start small and get bigger and then remove all the pink and just use primary colors (red, blue, green, yellow, orange and purple)? Also can you make the name under the train all one color?
    • I updated version of logo #07 , according to your wishes. I've submitted design entry #14 #15 #16 Thanks!.

  • Hi, Brianne! Just submitted #13 entry. Hope you like it! Ready to make it more suitable for your requests.
  • Love the engine car and the smoke!!! Can you add teeth into the train cars somehow..also I am not a fan of red and green too close together because it starts to look like Christmas colors so can we switch up the coloring? Thanks
    • Sure thing; here's a restyled version in a red/purple/yellow scheme with the addition of cute "toofies" sitting and scampering on the train cars: #9. Let me know how you like this new layout and about any more changes you'd like.

  • Definitely on the right track...can we make the teeth a little more detailed and cartoon looking? Engine car is good and coloring is good! I like how "CCDC" is written on the cars...Can we take out the yellow in the practice name and replace with a darker color like purple or orange? Thanks
  • It's a little plain...can we spice it up a little...like the engine car and can we make the name of the practice a little bigger?
  • The toothbrush cars are awesome...can you make the bristles on them smaller and make the engine car bigger and maybe add a caboose? Also, if you can change the coloring to only primary colors (red, yellow, green, blue, orange and purple). Thanks!
  • Love the teeth...more color would be ideal!
  • Thank you for your submission – I really like your design! I have a couple of suggestions/ideas: - I love the tooth design of the train! Is it possible to modify the “body” to look slightly more like a train (and less of a tractor)? - Change the exterior color of the train from pink to RED … and the orange smokestack to PURPLE. - Change the color of the tires to BLACK - Change the color of the CCDC order to: Blue, Orange, Purple, Green for each letter respectively - Is it possible to make the letters somehow resemble or be on a flatbed traincar? I’m not sure how this would look and maybe the simplicity of just having the letters the way you have it is best? - Can you connect the letters / traincars with more of a connector instead of a dashed line? - Also, can I see what the logo would look like in black/white and grayscale (a lot of documents/letters in the office will be printed in black/white). Thank you very much – I look forward to seeing some of the changes!
    • Hi CH, Thank You for your feedback! I applied most of the changes you requested to #24 and will be creating another design using train cars. Thanks again, Best Regards, David

  • Thank you for your submission , however, we have decided on a different design.
    • All right, de gustibus non disputandum est. Good luck with the biz.

  • Thank you for your submission, but we are looking at different designs.
  • Thank you for your submission, but we are looking at different designs.
  • Thank you for fixing the clouds...I still for some reason am drawn to the clouds...is there a way to change the clouds shape or something? I like it going from little to bigger, but the shape with "CCDC" is not my favorite. Maybe make it look more like smoke and less like clouds? I love the train and practice name though, thank you!! Last, can you make the smoke stack a little taller?
  • Dear Brianne, I hope I am not too late for your contest but please check my design #29 and let me know what you think. Best regards, operhal
  • Thank you for your prompt changes! I'm sorry to keep mentioning the smoke, but could you modify the "D" so that it looks a bit more like a D (maybe change the star design on its interior to be more of a D design). It looks too similar to an "O" for me. Also with the smoke - the first three letters all seem to be rotated with the same orientation, but the last "C" appears to be rotated backwards. Could you rotate the last "C" clockwise so that it fits into the same arch as the previous three letters? Lastly, could you make "Dental Center" either slightly larger font and/or bold too? Thank you again for all of your work!
    • Hi CH, thanks for the appreciation of my work! I updated version of logo #28 , according to your wishes.

  • Thank you for making the changes - I really like the design! I have just a few more suggestions: 1) Instead of teeth in the caboose, can I see what having toothbrushes would look like? 2) Can I get the logo on a plain white background instead of a white cloud design? 3) Can I have the CCDC "smoke" get progressively larger? (ie: the first C being slightly the smallest letter and the last C being slightly the largest - in order to mimic smoke) 4) Can I see what the black/white version of the logo would look like on a solid, dark background (ie: purple, red, or green)? 5) Can we modify the teeth on either side of "Dental Center", by lowering the center arch so that the "legs" are not so long. I like the look of these "legs" http://ts1.mm.bing.net/th?&id=HN.608050816799539294&w=300&h=300&c=0&pid=1.9&rs=0&p=0 6) On the 3rd train car will you make the car blue and the roof red? 7) On the caboose will you make it green instead of yellow? Thank you again! I appreciate it.
  • I've submitted design entry #25 example documents/letters in the office Thanks!.
  • Thank you. I look forward to seeing the design with traincars!
  • Thank you so much for this design...I looked at the train car and prefer it like this...with just the connectors in between. I was wondering if you could do two things for me... 1)Take the man out of the engine 2)Can I see what the black/white version of the logo would look like on a solid, dark background (ie: purple, red, or green)? Thank you so much!
    • Sorry one last request...can you also change the font of the "CCDC" so we can see what that would look like?! You've been awesome at making changes for us....THANK YOU!