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Winning design #100 by sundezzo, Logo Design for Center for Behavioral and Decision Research Logo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by sundezzo

Project description

We are currently redesigning our webpage and would like to use the new logo to help launch the page. We'll use the logo elsewhere, but that's the start. In general, this logo should reflect the research goals of the organization.

The logo should include a version with a full name (Center for Behavioral and Decision Research) as well as a version with the acronym (CBDR). For more information on the organization, please visit ( please ignore the current logo. It's terrible!

As for colors, CMU ( uses a nice red and we'd be happy to stick with it.

After looking at a couple of entries, I'd like to add that we do NOT want any images of the human brain in the logo.

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  • Contest Holder, I designed this logo in a clean and professional format. It will look great on your website, letterhead, and on the side of your building; among other places as well.
  • Backgrounds not allowed unless requested by CH
  • Contest Holder, Is your center for reseach neroscience? If so would you like a symbol repersenting nerosience and so on?
  • HI there, This is my concept for CBDR logo. The image depicts a human head (for the mind and the brain), a branch of a tree for the the sprouting fruits of economics and marketing, and steps form the base of a pedestal, symbolic of the nation state. I hope you like it!
  • Backgrounds not allowed unless requested by CH.
  • Please consider #46, it is clean and professional. Thank you.
  • Here is another version of my #8 design with the icon slightly modified.
  • I think it would be better if you just made it a soild color, or lessen the intensity of the gradient.
  • Hello! My design was created to emphasize the intersection of ideas, thus the idea bubble intersecting the red block. Many thanks.
  • DEAR #110 ı must admit ı like your work. Good job ;)
  • Clean & Fresh. Dont mind #96, made a typo haha. Thank you.
  • This design makes use of the "negative space" -- the red shapes between the white CBDR letterforms -- to create arrows, signifying the dynamic nature of decision-making behavior. As a whole, the interplay of positive and negative space emblemizes the interaction of the various parameters shaping the decision-making process as well as the interaction of the various fields of study informing research into this process.
  • Dear CH, I have uploaded all source files. Thank you, Sundezzo
  • Thank you everyone for your designs. We had a very difficult time choosing a winner, but, in the end sundezzo's design won out. Sundezzo, can you please upload all source files so that we can implement this design on our webpage? Thank you, Jeff