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Winning design #28 by moimeme, Logo Design for Center for Eco-Judaism Contest
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designed by moimeme

Project description

Logo/branding design. The Center for Eco-Judaism is a non-profit organization. Themes that the logo should address are regenerative systems, Torah, Jewish life, sustainability, ethical food production/consumption/distribution, environmentally based Judaism.

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  • About #17 This design uses only PANTONE 661 EC for the color, which means when you want to do a lot of printing, you will only be using one color of ink. When doing gross production, this can save a significant amount of money. Over the life of a company there is potential to save enough money to make the difference especially as a non-profit organization. Money can be tight, and when there is a chance to save, it's usually worth capitalizing.
  • CH, If you added more technical elements to your brief it would give the designers a better grasp for what it is you want. If you have some colors in mind, If there are any symbols that you would like to see, if it is minimalism or complexity that you would prefer. All these things help to get things rolling. Thanks,
  • Dear CH, do you have any tag line? Best regards MKH017
  • I love this. It's my favorite so far!
  • #25 #26 #27 are my entries to the organization's logo/branding. Your comments and further revision on the colors are welcome. Thanks; Jctoledo
  • Dear CH, i just submitted #24 . I would really appreciate a feedback from you. I'm very much open for revisions. Thanks!! Best Regards MKH017
  • About #12 Dear elishevab thanks for your feedback. I work on my design to improve it. Best regards
  • This has potential. I would like to see "Center for " smaller and "eco-Judaism" bigger.
  • This is one of our favorites so far. What would you do for a logo?
  • This logo looks too much like a shopping bag.
  • I don't like the hamsa, but I like that you are working on a logo.
  • I want something with a logo
  • Hello CH Please pardon the 11th hour submission. It took some time to come up with what had not yet been proposed. Please see #35. Thank you for your consideration and if you would kindly rate and give feedback, that would be more than enough. Thanks again! :-) Conrad
  • elishevab, Thanks for liking #25 I've sent some variations on the text placement #31 #32 Further comments are welcome. Kind regards:; Jctoledo
  • Dear elishevab i already sent the artwork files of the logo. Await to your response if everything is ok. then I can send you the other logo soon. Best regards
  • Dear elishevab thanks for chosing my design . I do not know if I can send the two logos, but can get it but me through the "ONE ON ONE" is a matter of making me an offer. However I will soon prepare the winner and sending in half an hour. Best regards
  • can this one go with the one that we chose. We would really like it, but don't know if we can afford to buy it as a separate piece.
  • We would like to know if design 28 could go with this as it is the logo for this one. Let me know
  • About #41, #43 and #44 Hi Ch, Sorry for delayed submission coz, i research thoroughly on judaism and the sacred symbols of judaism. My logo symbolizes the following: "Tree" as symbol for environment, conservation, production and sustainability and I include sacred symbols like chai, magen david(shield of david), mezuzah, torah scroll, menorah, tallit and hamesh hand in jewish life.
  • Dear elishevab Await to your response if everything is ok with the logos. Best regards