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We were very pleased with our experience at -- the process was clear and easy to follow, the submissions were plentiful, the ability to extend the contest a week was appreciated, the willingness of the designer to make a few late adjustments very helpful. We easily would recommend this to others.

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Winning design #57 by CKS, Logo Design for Centerstone Executive Search Contest
Gold Medal

designed by CKS

Project description

We recruit senior-level executives (primarily CEOs and Presidents) for public and private companies and would like to update/refresh/redesign our logo. You can see our current logo on our website: We would like a logo that is simple, elegant, classic, sophisticated and intelligent. We want to retain the "Seattle | New York" and also "Executive Search". Although we selected "Wordmark" style, some graphic treatment would be welcome, but we do not want a stone or stones to be graphically depicted in the new logo. Centerstone is all one word and we do not want to use an upper-case S in "stone" for this new logo (unless, of course, the entire word is capitalized). The color selector in this form did not allow specification of the current red that we like: #990000 or r 153, g 0 b 0. Sites of some of our peers: * * * * * Thank you!

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  • it's not allowed to use existing designs in logo contests. copied logo found here:
  • Hi mollymartin Would you like to see the logo, without the graphic stone? whaphansen
  • #18 has some support, but probably without the graphic "stone".
  • CKS
    New entries #37 and #38 for your evaluation, any changes please let me know ok. Regards. Erick
  • CKS
    Hello, thank you for the feedback! and sure, i´ll make a new proposal with no graphic, hope show you very soon. Regards. Erick
  • Very nice idea, but it registers with us as too busy. Thanks...
  • CKS, would you like to try a version without the graphic? Thanks!
  • Thanks! Kim likes the charcoal "Centerstone" better, so perhaps "Executive Search" could be back in red? Since Centerstone is larger, that helps both "Centerstone" and "Executive Search" to be easily read. I like the kerning adjustment, thanks.
  • Hi Here is the new version, of the old design. Check out entry number #36.
  • Hyacco, I think the outline font of #3 looks a little too circus- or cartoon-like. #35 feels too massive -- see my comments below re: #26 and #30. Thanks!
  • whaphansen, I've raised the rating -- please see if that lets you upload the third one. And yes, I think it's worth a try to make Centerstone red, etc., as you say, once the graphic stone is gone. Thanks!
  • #3, #35 Dear CH mollymartin, i will appreciate feedback on my designs.
  • Hi Apparently I am only allow too upload 2 designs, too your contest. And according too, your have too give the design with the graphic stone, a little bit higher rating. And that will give me the opportunity too, upload the third design. Without the graphic stone and the kerning on Executive search has been change. What do you think about, if i change the colour of Centerstone to red, and change the colour of Executive search too grey, and move it to the right. So it stands above Seattle | New York, in a smaller font?
  • Re: #26, the graphic feels too heavy -- so far very few (if any) graphic components seem to be getting much support. Both #26 and #30 feel rather heavy and would probably be too large for multiple uses (website, letterhead, envelopes, business cards, etc.). Thanks...
  • Also, whaphansen, would you like to try a version without the "Executive Search" extending the full length of "Centerstone"? It's a touch hard to read with that kerning, I think. Thanks.
  • Sure, whaphansen, thanks!
  • CH, appreciate feedback on entries #26 and #30. Thanks much, dlbonanno64
  • Hi CH, I have submitted #43 for your review...thanks, DM