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Winning design #132 by yobie, Logo Design for Centerville Station Contest
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designed by yobie

Project description

We are opening up a new coffee shop with a bar, deli, and video gaming lounge within a train station. We would like to either highlight the train, or the history of the town - Woodstock, IL. Woodstock is probably best known for the Opera House:

Centerville is the original name of the town of Woodstock due to its location in the center of the county.

We will have a video gaming (Gambling) lounge, but part of our lease agreement is that we should not advertise video gaming in the exterior of the room, so our main logo should not highlight it.

Our facebook is

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  • Interpretation of Union Pacific and Northwestern railroad logo with consumer retail #152
  • Designed in minimalist style with combination of cup of coffee and head steam train. Suggestion used the red-brown color because it's redcoffee color.
  • about #143.hi care to check my design?.iloved to hear feedbacks from you..
  • This is definitely one of our favorites so far. Can we try some different colors and maybe a little more space between the text and the edge. #86
    • @centervillestation Thank you, I fixed the shadows and space between the edge. please see #131, #132, and #136. Let me know which colors your comfortable with. I'm open to any suggestions.

  • About #134, only train version. The next one is with train and opera house.
  • About #135, Hi, Here is the new version of the logo with the train and also included the woodstock opera house. Let me know what you think.
  • I like how the three coffee cups are starting to look like a train, but its almost too subtle. Is there any way to make the train concept more obvious? #96
    • @centervillestation Hi, thank you for comment. Yes i'll try to make the train concept more obvious. Perhaps the only way is to make the cups more squared, although they had a much more elegant. Perhaps the logo will be less elegant, but I'll try.

    • @centervillestation Hi, I added a railroad stylized under the train to make it more recognizable: #122, #123. I made another one with the cups of coffee more quadred: #128. What do you think? Thank You

  • I like this, but is it possible to see a few different font combinations?
    • @centervillestation I have added a few different fonts. #124, #125, #126. Let me know if any of these work for you. More than happy to make more changes. Thanks.

  • This is a cool concept, but the more I think about it maybe we shouldn't feature the opera house. Customers might get confused and think we are located there. Any way we can incorporate the train station into it? #104
    • About #104, @centervillestation Sure if you like

    • About #104, @centervillestation So should I replace the opera house with a train and then repost it ?

  • About #113, @MyLittleBaby If you weren't the original designer of those two earlier logos that look exactly the same, please stop submitting modifications of them. I will not accept a logo that is clearly a copy of another designers work.
  • This is a great concept, I just had a couple notes. The red/black can be a little hard to read and the text path is slightly off compared to the border. The dimensions on some of the 3d effects on the "centerville" seem wrong and the shadows aren't all where they should be. I also don't like the brown accents on "Centerville" (actually don't like the brown at all... maybe gold would be better?). #86
  • I like this, but it looks like two different designers entries put together. Were you part of the team that designed either of the earlier submissions? #108
  • Dear, centervillestation
    KINDLY CHECK #99 #100
  • add business card to your design #56
  • add business card to your design
  • CentStation #104
  • I like the idea, but there is too much blank space in the circle between the text. And the lines coming out of the train seem out of place. I'm not a fan of the font either.
    • @centervillestation Hi, thanks for the feedback. AND I'LL MAKE THE CHANGES

  • Dear contest holder here is my new design logo of Centerville Station #95
  • I definitely like this one, but is there any way to make "station" more pronounced? #75
  • Do you have a different font that is a little more formal. Not too fancy/elegant, but not as wavy #83